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The graph above shows that HyperThreading is marginally beneficial on this 6-core CPU.
The highest throughput for PPSE is achieved with 8 simultaneous tasks (1 thread per task),
which is about 3% more than the throughput of 1 thread per physical core (6 tasks).

For this PrimeGrid workload, HT is beneficial to throughput in all configurations,
including those that do not maximize throughput.
This perhaps works by evicting non-LLR processes from lower levels of cache.

Favorite Math Quotes

John Horton Conway, talking about not living long enough to see the solution of long-unsolved problems,
said in this Numberphile interview (YouTube), "It's only given to one person, so to speak, to solve a particular one of these problems."
So a person would be very priviledged to have solved one.

My Favorite Brain Drain


primegrid: noun \ˈprīm\ \ˈgrid\
* denial of service
* possible code execution

* a type of neologism, a deviant utterance whose meaning is known
* a nonsense word whose meaning was perfectly obvious in a dream
* an alliatrope (LOL, at least it was - until this definition paradoxically made it not an alliatrope)

OK, I just made up this word but the definition stands. I woke up from a dream shortly after
"saying" something similar in the dream ("that's an alleatrope") which isn't a word in real life either,
at least in English. It was close to "allotrope" but completely unrelated.

Upon awaking, I realized that I had used this word in the dream to describe what I saw in the dream
(something like a cross between an indirect search result and a recent physical location
- nevermind, it was a dream and I don't remember exactly what it was) and I asked myself
how it was that I knew this word in the dream but didn't know its meaning when I woke up.

So I looked it up online and there was no such word. There were similar obscure hits:
Aleatrope, in the title of an instrumental piece; Eliotrope/Eliatrope, some wacky RPG entities;
Alliotrope, the mis-spelling of Allotrope (a musical album title) and another hit as a mis-spelling of allotrope.

Probing deeper, Wikipedia has an article about "dream speech" which classifies this exactly as a
neologism ("deviant utterance" whose meaning is known) in the context of Kraepelin's dream research.
Hence the provenance of the word and it's definition.

Bugs I Found in PrimeGrid Apps

* typo causing missed memory initialization in genefer 3.2.5

All-time Favorite Digital Technology

* Nixie tubes (cold cathode display)

Anything Else

The internet is not fit for human consumption.

My Erdős number is 5 (from work I did for fun in 1978).

The NSA wasted 240 hours of supercomputer runtime on a 64k-processor CM-1
(Thinking Machines Corporation Connection Machine)
in 1988 (Kubina and Wunderlich)
trying to find an exception that is (still) conjectured not to exist.
How fast was that CM-1? K and W say 8 times the speed of a Cray 2.
By modern standards, a Cray 2 was as fast on LINPACK as an Apple iPad 2.

I am often amused when the radio news goes on during REM sleep.
In a dream during the Rocket Man coverage, I pocket-dialed Kim Jong-un, but all I heard was his voicemail greeting (LOL).

I've met a few more or less notable people, sometimes not realizing how notable a person was.
- D. H. Lehmer; The computer science students (I was one) were all invited to see the featured speaker's talk at a local math conference. I got to see him present photos of his prime searching equipment, including the bicyle chain seive. I went to the after-party too. I didn't realize at the time the signficance of his work.
- The lady from Texas who assembled the very first i386 system. She worked at Intel in the prototyping group building systems for the silicon engineers to evaluate, and we were both visiting my neighbours across the street (not in Texas).
- During a summer job coding 370 assembler in the early 80s I sat on the bus looking over a dump, and the old guy sitting next to me says he was doing stuff like that in England during WW II and it was secret. He might have been one of the people working at Bletchley Park.
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