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bbs (".")
[AF>EDLS] frederic abussan ("Bonjour de Paris, depuis la France d'en haut. je suis technicien en téléphone et...")
[AF>France]Cristilo ("Hi, I\'m 45 and I work at the french Foreign Affairs Ministry. So, I move every 3 to 5...")
actraider ("Hi, I\'m a 34 year old male from Boston in the UK. Started many years ago with the...")
[B^S] BOINC-SG ("Momo, Tiger and Me (Shai Hulud aka Steffen) are great fans of BOINC. We like to support as...")
KoopaTroopa ("Hi I am Neil Cooper and I am a high school student that had a few extra computers that...")
[AF>Libristes] Dudumomo ("Member of the Alliance Francophone (The biggest french speaking...")
Warsong71 ("Hmm...")
Dennis Kautz ("Meine "Karriere" bei Distributed Computing begann 2001 mit den Projekten Folding@Home und...")

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