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[B^S] thierry@home ("I like the idea to help, with a bunch of good people, science to progress without being a...")
Pconfig ("I live in Belgium and i\'m 17 years old. I\'m really fashionated about DC, check most...")
Guy Pauwels ("Like all [url=http://www.boinc.be/vbulletin]BOINC.BE[/url] members, I suffer from a serious...")
[BAT]Krikke ("Proud member of...")
[BAT] Hexacom ("[IMG]http://users.telenet.be/BOWijgmaal/boinc/boinc_be.gif[/IMG] [size=15]Hello I\'m a...")
[BAT] Deridexki ("Proud founder of [url=http://www.boinc.be/]BOINC.BE[/url], the biggest Belgian crunching...")
[BAT] MaDr ("General Theory of Relativity: The future has already happened every place except where you...")
[BMF] kdr_98 ("I\'m from Belgium, and I\'m into distributed computing since 2002. First I crunched for...")
Bill-af ("Salut ! Je suis Bill-af, j'ai 25 ans. Dans la vie, je suis informaticien, et j'aide...")
[BMF]UnderGod ("Proud member of [size=20][url=http://www.boinc.be]BOINC.BE[/url][/size], the biggest...")

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