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Stuckey ("Early stage investor and startup founder.")
schobbish ("Hi I'm from the Portland, Ore. metro area. I am 16 years old and currently in highschool...")
Seek the Truth: God is Love-Jesus proves it. YHWH the Great I AM said Let there Be Light- and BANG- miraculously -the universe came to be. The Holy Trinity, undivided Unity, Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Jesus prueba que Dios es amor. Az Isten szeretet. GEd ("I was born in Hungary, before the fall of the Iron Curtain. While I was still young, my...")
Sophie ("I am a 30 year old mathematician from Germany. Just want to give the prime community some...")
scott ("Currently living in Fullerton, California, USA Retired I.T. Network...")
Spritex ("49 year Male, from Denmark, I'm a Tech Programmer, and like go fishing in my spear time.")
search for the Truth: Jesus Is LORD. Do NOT be a DNA-denier; abortion kills a new unique human baby girl or boy. God is Love - Jesus proves it! Dios es Amor - Jesús lo demuestra. LLes ("Do NOT be a DNA-denier; abortion kills a new unique human baby girl or boy. The prenatal...")
Seita Kawamoto ("...")
spiderduckpig ("I think finding primes is very interesting and to be able to call a number my own is very...")

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