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RealSanta ("member of SETI.Germany...")
Robert Kaehler ("Hallo, mein Name ist Robert Kaehler, ich bin 41 und Software entwickelnder...")
Ruputer ("Hy! I'm a guy from Bremen, Germany, where the famous Beck's are brewed. Pic-Text: ...")
Randall J. Scalise ("I was born in 1965 in Scranton, PA. I completed my undergraduate work in physics magna cum...")
RmvBusterS.pl ("[url=http://rmvbusters.pl/]RmvBusterS.pl[/url] - the best site of rmvb movies! Join us! You...")
Rabeco de Seixas.pt
Ruud ("Geboren in de Rep:Suriname Nationaliteit: Nederlander Woon sinds 1967 in...")
Robert63 ("Hi,my name is Robert. I'm from Poland [BOINC@Poland Team ].")
r3venge ("my name is Valerio and I\'m italian. I like all the Boinc\'s projects :)")

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