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Nekto ("My name is Marian. I'm student from Kyiv. I love distributed computing...")
nikelong ("[b][url=http://distributed.org.ua]http://distributed.org.ua[/url] - National DC Team...")
nick4eva ("[b]Присоединяйтесь к [url=http://distributed.org.ua/]Украинской...")
nutcase ("to credit whore or not to credit whore, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the...")
NudgeyNR ("Have been crunching since 2001 (SETI). Only have a small farm of PC's, cannot afford to...")
Nicolas Herment ("22 years old, student (engineering school).")
Nikodemus ("I spend my days as a project manager while my computers happily crunch away st PrimeGrid...")
nenym ("I'm traffic engineer. My job is programming of traffic controllers. Member of Czech...")
NTOAO ("I´m NTOAO from Berlin XD 26 years old- my hobbies are my familiy, gaming and...")

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