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kto ("From Colorado, USA. I'm a C++ System Programmer, specializing in taking the language and...")
Kazuya Kishi ("PhenomII X4 940BE / 9800GTX+ / Main PC PhenomII X4 905e / HD4870,HD4870 / BOINC...")
Katella Knight ("Computer programmer from Southern California. The name comes from my old high school I...")
koll ("Czechoslovak 1963 Mi, Computer, BOINC, Geocaching, Photo, Bicycle, Breadbaker, ...")
Krystian_Lap ("PÅ‚ock Polska druzyna BOINC@Poland Licze ja i brat ;) Narazie daje sie jakos rade :)...")
Kret_polny ("Greetings from Poland! :-) My name is Jarek and I'm 21. I'm interested in: computers( most...")
KaptainKarl1[SETI.USA] ("I am 40 years old and work as a Captain on Private Yachts. I love anything to do with the...")
KoSs ("-")
KWSN imcrazynow ("I'm 47 years young and a certifiable loonie on a quest for the Holy Shrubbery. I like long...")
Karl-Heinz Voelmle

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