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Debs ("Hi My names Debbie, and I live in a computer warehouse (well, so my friends tell me). I...")
digitalnoiz ("During the day they call me a consultant/engineer. Evenings and weekends I\'m the best dad...")
DigiMaster ("Birth date: 16 Nov 1977 Education: ecologist/biologist (master's degree), geographer...")
DimaRezvov ("I'm Dmitry Rezvov, Moscow State Aviation College (MAI) student. I learn computing,...")
DieterZ ("Proud Member of team Seti.Germany")
Dances with Werewolves ("I'm DWW for the shortened version because typing Dances with Werewolves all day long gets a...")
dago.net ("I startet to work for distributed computing in 1997 with distributed.net\'s RC5-56 project....")
DR. House-Meister ("[size=15][b]Dies ist das Profil von [ESL Brigade]...")
denim ("[b]I am located in MD, USA, and I joined SETI.USA to help in PrimeGrid. I am slowly...")
Dynamite ("[B]///TEMPS/// **********[/B] [B]Dynamite-Quad:[/B] ...")

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