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BebopKid ("I'm Bryan Lee Williams, 43, unemployed with severe depression and anxiety. I enjoy...")
branja ("I'm a high school mathematics and computer science teacher in Saskatchewan, Canada. Prime...")
Bob Hurd ("I am a 60 year old retired Power Plant engineer in Tampa, Florida that now spends most of...")
Baumann Eduard ("Fribourg, Switzerland 75 years retired...")
Bill F ("I am an old Techie that worked for the same high tech service company through mergers, name...")
BenCovert ("I'm originally from Virginia and moved to Florida for the number 6 school in the US, Pine...")
Brian Minear ("I'm a prime searcher in Texas! I'm a retired software engineer who now spends time in the...")
brighterorange ("weird Computer Scientist [url=http://tom7.org/]tom7.org[/url]")
Brett ("Hi. I'm a high school student in the United States with some extra computing power. I enjoy...")

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