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Bazooka_CZ ("[b]old computer freak :D [color=#ff3366]Upload:[/color] 60Mbps *...")
BHoovsU ("I am first and foremost a member of the World Community I am a patriot and a veteran of...")
Blair ("[img]http://signature.statseb.fr/sig-530.png[/img]")
bormolino ("Software engineering student from Germany")
Brent ("Male, 67 from Poway, California, USA, Retired.")
bro_david* ("80 yr. old in Louisiana been processing projects since 1990's")
bcavnaugh ("[img]http://signature.statseb.fr/sig-767.gif[/img] Crunching@EVGA The Number One Team in...")
BlueUniverse ("Hello, I'm female, age 50+, live in Germany and work as a logistics dispatcher. Since...")
bill1024 ("I am from NY USA, retired from the HVAC industry. Been building computers since 1992 as a...")
brilong ("I used to fold [H]ard. Now I run BOINC and...")

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