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Aka Runs with Scissors ("In life, who you REALLY are is based on what you think and do. Not what you say. Choose...")
Andrzej Wójtowicz ("Je m'appelle AndrĆ© et je suis un grand fan de musique rock et nu jazz. C'est fantastique!...")
Angelus (":)")
Adam Alexander ("Join the fun with the Knights Who Say Ni! Maybe YOU can find the Holy Shrubbery!")
Arbalet ("[i]Per aspera ad astra, amicus humani generis[/i]")
Angelo Gemmi ("mainly translator and essayist, amateur musician and composer, formerly...")
Adam J Bavier ("Living life and trying to enjoy it.")
Albert Wong ("33 Male I.T professional Hobbies: Sport and computing")
arctic light ("Proud member of SETI.Germany and the 2nd Wave. My hobbies are photography (Sony Alpha...")
Arogant ("Hello, i am from Czech republic, from Pilsen, city of the Beer. I crunch BOINC from...")

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