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Andrew Richard ("Thanks for viewing my page. I hope for sucess in this project.")
Artist (":-)")
AriZonaMoon* ("...")
Alan ("Geologist in Canada who enjoys hunting for primes:)")
ALB42 ("I use a Computer-Cluster to simulate electromagnetic fields in the nanometer scale to get a...")
Algon ("I`m from team Ukraine. Welcome to our site http://distributed.org.ua")
alicat ("[i]Crunching for Cruncher Junkies on the west coast of Australia[/i]")
Alessio Arbetti [VENETO] ("Hi, I'an Italian boy (I like to still consider me a boy even if I'm 34 years old). I live...")
asb2106 ("[b][size=24]A proud member of the [color=darkblue]PBToyz...")
Atomos ("[img]http://i27.servimg.com/u/f27/16/57/09/96/extrem12.jpg[/img] Ich bin der Matthias (...")

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