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1) Message boards : General discussion : Gracefully retire a Computer (Message 144109)
Posted 961 days ago by IshtarISProject donor
My preferred way to stop a computer from getting new tasks is to press "No new tasks" in the BoincMgr GUI or use the command-line equivalent
boinccmd --project "" nomorework

doh - now the solutions are obvious!

I rarely look at the projects tab as I only run Primegrid.

Thanks for pointing that one out
2) Message boards : General discussion : Gracefully retire a Computer (Message 144107)
Posted 961 days ago by IshtarISProject donor
@JeppeSN and @ robish

Thank you - I have unchecked the boxes and anticipate being able to remove life support in about 8 hours.
3) Message boards : General discussion : Gracefully retire a Computer (Message 144103)
Posted 961 days ago by IshtarISProject donor
I have a PC that has active and queued tasks that I would like to send to the great retirement home in the sky.

I have moved it to a Planet on its own but can't see a setting/checkbox that simply says get no new tasks for computers in that group.

How do I gracefully let it slip away from PrimeGrid without dumping all the tasks?
4) Message boards : Project Staging Area : AVX build of llr (20%-50% faster) (Message 46962)
Posted 4153 days ago by IshtarISProject donor
About halfway through this topic a request was made for someone to update the .xml files with GPUs entries. Has anyone attempted this?

Self interest at play here as all my Sandy Bridge machines have GPUs.
5) Message boards : Sophie Germain Prime Search : SG Out of work (Message 41528)
Posted 4252 days ago by IshtarISProject donor
Out again.

I once heard that if something goes wrong once it is an error; twice and it is a conspiracy. Who are the conspirators in this instance?

Lennart may be one. Beware.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : GTX 470 OC vs GTX 560 Ti (Message 40073)
Posted 4283 days ago by IshtarISProject donor
My stock 560 Ti's run 950s/WU so 470's are faster. However the 470's are hungrier for power. I calculated the cost of the extra power over the year to see if the WUs per cost are worth it and went with the 560 Tis when they came out (versus the 580s). Now (for me) the 570s are better using my measures. 580s and 590s are not. Never looked at the 470s.

Hope this helps.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : PPS (Sieve) Cobblestone Recalibration (Message 37986)
Posted 4347 days ago by IshtarISProject donor
Current RAC ~5.4m. Time to 1b at current RAC ~100 days.
Future RAC ~2.8m. Time to 1b at future RAC ~ 200 days.

Not going make it by new year but eventually will.

Move to non-PG project, future RAC <2m/day. Time to 1b even longer. Staying where I am.

My non-GPU RAC ~125k so LLR Ruby Badges every 16 days and Ruby Sieve Badges every 32 days. No change there. I will still get my full set by new year.

All in all the admins are equitably balancing things and I remain happily committed to the credits, the badges and the finding of primes.

8) Message boards : Problems and Help : Output File Absent (Message 36321)
Posted 4392 days ago by IshtarISProject donor
Assuming you are running Windows, are you swapping users away from the BOINC installation user (admin) in windows or RDPing to the box from another machine?

I seem to recall a similar problem when I did either of these actions.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : 2x550 vs 1x570? (Message 35785)
Posted 4415 days ago by IshtarISProject donor
My power draw figures are from the table at Using these numbers I figured that total systems power requirements would exceed a 1200W PSU so I have the Motherboard and one GPU powered from one PSU and the other two graphics cards from another (with a special switch to turn on the second PSU from

If I was a gamer I would love to have 3 or 4 way 580s (570's can only be paired) for that super fps number (I have seen some awesome quad 580 gaming machines in mountain mods cases with three screens running 8000 x 1600). As a cruncher I would also love 3 or 4 x 580s but it is cost prohibitive for me (4x580 ~ 6x570 = 2 x PCs).

So whilst I get to enjoy my crunching and suffer reality you get to enjoy virtual worlds and crunch at the same time ;-)
10) Message boards : Number crunching : 2x550 vs 1x570? (Message 35675)
Posted 4417 days ago by IshtarISProject donor
With respect to orca's analysis I purchased my three 570's for less than I could get PCB 580's but yes it is close price wise (+/- 5%).

My PC with 3 x 570's averaging 1.83m so far (Free-DC) with a mix of PPS and GW. Looking at top PCs I notice that dual 580's max 1.47m so I get 25% more 'credit' for my dollar.

As to power, taking away the power required for the PC, three 570s draw 650W whilst two 580 draw 500W so yes there is a power difference of 30%.

You could say that you get the same crunch per watt and that my comment
way better than a power hungry expensive 580 imho
was a tad tongue in cheek.

The down side of more cards is heat. Running 3 GPUs in a box 24x7 cooks the two cards whose fans are facing the next car (air-fc!fc!fc-air) so I need to watercool and I was limited to reference PCB cards so I can use a common waterblock.

Great discussion started by Gary though.

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