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1) Message boards : Project Staging Area : PRPNet Help (Message 61810)
Posted 3787 days ago by MiHost
Yes, same here.
2) Message boards : Project Staging Area : GCW13 PRPnet (Message 56035)
Posted 3989 days ago by MiHost
Was hoping to get all of the remaining work loaded for this server.
Thanx in advance.
3) Message boards : Project Staging Area : Call for wwwwcl beta testers (OpenCL) (Message 53588)
Posted 4050 days ago by MiHost
I would be interested in the code. HD5770 and GTX580
4) Message boards : Sieving : GFN Sieve Information (information is now out of date) (Message 44491)
Posted 4195 days ago by MiHost
Giving this a try, Reserving
N=1048576, 100P-110P MiHost
5) Message boards : Project Staging Area : Generalized Fermat Prime Search (Message 34085)
Posted 4465 days ago by MiHost
Doesn't appear to be working
6) Message boards : Project Staging Area : Generalized Fermat Prime Search (Message 32328)
Posted 4497 days ago by MiHost
Prime found on project GFN262144:maybe???

test results:[2011-02-05 21:14:22 EST] Candidate: 1*145310^262144+1 Program: genefx64.exe Residue: PRP Time: 0 seconds
[2011-02-07 21:28:57 EST] Candidate: 1*145310^262144+1 Program: pfgw64.exe Residue: PRIME Time: 173680 seconds

Except ,

Test for 1*145310^262144+1 was ignored
Candidate or test not found

Need Help not sure what it all means

Thanx in advance. rick
7) Message boards : Problems and Help : Reporting primes (Message 30132)
Posted 4537 days ago by MiHost
Please email my top-5000 username and password.

What I would do is email the PrimeGrid admins and ask them what your top-5000 password is

8) Message boards : Number crunching : Missing Prime? (Message 28534)
Posted 4568 days ago by MiHost
Me Too!
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