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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Tour de Primes 2016 (Message 91926)
Posted 2000 days ago by Profile Prawdzik
I am very pleased so far in this challenge as finder of my first SGS prime. I also have another SGS prime as doublechecker. Not bad for five days effort. Onward and upward!
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Tour de Primes 2016 (Message 91843)
Posted 2003 days ago by Profile Prawdzik
Can someone please explain why all seven SGS primes discovered in this event to date have the identical number of digits, 388,342 ???

I seem to have found one of these as doublechecker which is posted to the scorecard.
3) Message boards : General discussion : Suggestions for improving "Your Badges" page (Message 91785)
Posted 2004 days ago by Profile Prawdzik
There has never been enough distinction between silver & amethyst for me. I like all the new colours Ruby is brighter, sapphire is richer etc. If they're mire accurate all the better. Proposed turq is better being a cyan, jade is less dull than before, emerald us fine.

Same for me but I am very color blind. I personally would prefer the suggested change.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Tour de Primes 2016 (Message 91663)
Posted 2009 days ago by Profile Prawdzik
May I have a recommendation please on my Core-i7 if I want to run CPU only, NO GPU, leaving the machine idle for the entire month to run this challenge only. Hyperthreadding setting? Which app? and only 1 app or more than 1? What other settings (such as auto updates, etc. turned off) if I desire to leave this machine unattended. I would peek at its progress from another machine.


5) Message boards : Number crunching : Reign Record Challenge (Message 88069)
Posted 2144 days ago by Profile Prawdzik
I completed 8 tasks, 1 per core on my i7-4770 CPU in just over 4 days. My desktop is just over 3 years old. I have two older core 2 duo laptops and did not set them to this challenge.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : LLR 7.03 application released (Message 87524)
Posted 2161 days ago by Profile Prawdzik
It would be helpful if this Notice would clarify what, if anything? is needed to upgrade app wrapper and exe's if we are using BOINC. Do these files upgrade automatically?

7) Message boards : General discussion : Errors on TRP Seive tasks (Message 87173)
Posted 2176 days ago by Profile Prawdzik
I have ten recent errors on The Riesel Problem Sieve tasks. Eight initial errors were exit code 592697949, 'Out of Memory'. I received some initial feedback and based on that I doubled max disk space from 100 GB to 200 GB.

Now I am receiving two additional errors with exit code 194 'unknown error'. I don't know if this is related to the recent change.

There are other posters reporting similar errors. I need some help in how to troubleshoot or address this.

8) Message boards : Number crunching : Perseid Shower Challenge (Message 87118)
Posted 2177 days ago by Profile Prawdzik
Of the 1400+ validated TRP Sieve tasks I recently completed, there were only 5 errors. Is this a reasonable error rate?

Also, of these Sieve tasks there was a variance in CPU time of +11% from fastest to slowest. I examined file results and could not find any reason for this variance. Is this normal?

Finally, the Factor's found rate this year is far less than in 2013, when I last performed these tasks on a different machine. Is this diminishing return to be expected?

running mostly a Win7, i7-4470 CPU not overclocked for this challenge
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Perseid Shower Challenge (Message 87077)
Posted 2178 days ago by Profile Prawdzik
Half way through the challenge, about 380 thousand tasks have been sent out, and about 200 thousand have already been returned. A normal day's traffic would be about 15 thousand tasks, so this is a huge increase! Great job everyone!

... and the pending credits are scrolling off the screen. It will be interesting to hear about the cleanups after this is over.

Thanks Michael for the update.
10) Message boards : Problems and Help : Validation issue on The Riesel Problem (LLR) (Message 87004)
Posted 2180 days ago by Profile Prawdzik
Can someone please look at this Workunit 641343062
And advise why there are two inconclusive validations?
I am running v7.00 and the other machine runs v7.02
Are these two different processors with different results?
Or is it something else?

Not overclocked. Not having this issue with 7 other recent tasks.


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