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21) Message boards : General discussion : GFN 21, 105 days. (Message 157711)
Posted 28 days ago by Profile Michael GoetzProject donor
Ok, I did not know that. Do you think I will receive credits even though the finished GFN 21| are not on my list of pending or reported tasks?

I'm sorry, but too much time has passed and the server no longer has those tasks in the active database. It's impossible to grant credit this late.

There are deadlines on all BOINC tasks, and although PrimeGrid is much more lenient than most projects, the absolute maximum deadline for GFN 21 tasks is 84 days. Once that threshold was passed, the tasks were reassigned to another computer. You still *might* have gotten credit for your tasks had they been returned before they were purged from the database, but it appears as if the replacement task completed quickly, was validated, and then was purged a couple days later.

22) Message boards : Number crunching : World Space Week Challenge (Message 157344)
Posted 55 days ago by Profile Michael GoetzProject donor
I don't think anyone should be banned.
There are also crunchers who would like to do only proof tasks.

You need to try much harder than that if you want to get banned. There are some things that could get you banned, but this doesn’t even come close. We didn’t even ban the people we caught cheating many years ago. (We did something worse to them: we took away their credit.)
23) Message boards : Antarctic Crunchers message board (Message 157209)
Posted 68 days ago by Profile Michael GoetzProject donor
Can we get Antarctic Crunchers on NoPrimeLeftBehind?
It uses PRPNet and does automatically pickup the team-name from the prpclient config for the PRPNet server pages.

But in order to show team-names on the stats pages on we would have to create the team through this thread:

With PRPNet there’s nothing to add. You just enter whatever you want as the “team”.
24) Message boards : Antarctic Crunchers message board (Message 157033)
Posted 77 days ago by Profile Michael GoetzProject donor
Start time is 20:00UT. This is significant as it may take us very close to finishing the project with its strictly limited WU count. Make sure you get your park positions in.

The ramp-up is real.

At current rates (~60K WUs/day during the challenge and ~10K WUs/day otherwise) it looks like we'll finish up sometime in December. Certainly not during the challenge. There's a 10-day GPU challenge in December, so maybe even a little longer. If people push it, then maybe a little sooner. So call it November at the earliest, and January at the latest, but probably December.
25) Message boards : Problems and Help : All my GCW tasks are failing on DO droplets (Message 156987)
Posted 81 days ago by Profile Michael GoetzProject donor
Yeah, I think turning on virtual memory may solve the problem. Some LLR2 tasks, including GCW, use a bunch of memory for storing the data for the files sent back to the server. This may exceed 1 GB, and we have seen this problem ourselves. The solution is to enable virtual memory.

Add this to your startup script for the droplets. You can also run it manually right now on your existing droplets. I suspect it will fix the problem.

# enable swap file for PrimeGrid GCW/SR5 fallocate -l 5G /swapfile chmod 600 /swapfile mkswap /swapfile swapon /swapfile # make it permanent in case of reboot sed -i '$ a\/swapfile swap swap defaults 0 0' /etc/fstab

It's a simple fix and it doesn't affect performance. This memory is written once and read once, so it's not thrashing the swap file.

Could Rytis incorporate this in the TSC startup process?

Doesn't TSC already do this?
26) Message boards : Generalized Cullen/Woodall prime search : Digital Ocean 1GB / 1CPU Intel Premium nodes does not work (Message 156961)
Posted 83 days ago by Profile Michael GoetzProject donor
If you configure a swap file and turn on virtual memory it should work.
27) Message boards : Number crunching : Pi Approximation Day Challenge (Message 156663)
Posted 122 days ago by Profile Michael GoetzProject donor
Cleanup Status:

Jul 30: 7145 tasks outstanding; 1174 affecting individual (100) scoring positions; 51 affecting team (8) scoring positions.


Results are final.
28) Message boards : Number crunching : Validate errors (Message 156599)
Posted 128 days ago by Profile Michael GoetzProject donor
So all results, from any sub-project, returned within that time window 2 days ago are now invalid ?

All of those results were irrevocably lost, unfortunately.

The only good news here is that we worked through all of the stuck pending tasks, so that’s the last of them. There’s no more.
29) Message boards : Number crunching : Validate errors (Message 156598)
Posted 128 days ago by Profile Michael GoetzProject donor
Curious to know how PG calculated the amount of credit to assign to each pending task if none of the files got uploaded. The SR5 tasks don't get a fixed amount per task so does PG know how much to grant when it sends the task out ?

With one tiny exception, the credit formula never, ever, depends on the result of the calculation. PrimeGrid’s tasks are sufficiently predictable that we can calculate the credit from the task itself. The credit is determined when the workunit is created.

The one exception is prime numbers on the SGS project. If you find an SGS prime, the task takes twice as long and the validator grants you double the “pending” credit.
30) Message boards : Number crunching : Validate errors (Message 156596)
Posted 128 days ago by Profile Michael GoetzProject donor
Why are my pending SR5 LLR2 tasks slowly being marked as invalid this morning ?
Is it a result of the mess from the challenge or have you started a new problem ?
I don't believe the tasks are faulty.

It’s the mess from the challenge being cleaned up.

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