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11) Message boards : Number crunching : 2018 Tour de Primes (Message 115509)
Posted 1203 days ago by Profile Scott Cox
With a little over 48 hours left of the Tour de Primes challenge it doesn't seem likely that I will end up finding a prime in the PPSE tasks... for PPSE is it still roughly 1 in 8000 tasks to find a prime? I had hoped to get over 10k tasks for this month (and even dished out my old Windows Vista laptop sitting around doing nothing to help run tasks in the middle of the challenge, lol) but I may end up getting a little over 8k, at 7120 now and haven't examined the number much but found I was averaging ~300-400 tasks a day or so. So if I don't pull off a last minute workunit prime I may probably discover one a few weeks into the next month.

I had been running some SGS tasks in preparation for the Tour, but saw that they wouldn't count for the Tour due to the 5k list. May consider contiuing looking for Sophie Germains after the Tour. I'm just new to number crunching on PrimeGrid and am eager to find that first prime lol, would have be (may still be?) nice to have the first one also in a challenge series.
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