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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : PSP LLR on Linux (Message 15397)
Posted 4472 days ago by ChrisM

on the preferences page it states that PSP LLR is Windows (32/64) only, still I am crunching PSP LLR WUs successfully on Linux 64, for example this:

Is this maybe old information on the preferences page?

Best regards from Germany,
Christian Mandery
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : Bug: 321 Prime Search not listed in "tasks" (Message 15081)
Posted 4483 days ago by ChrisM
Hi Rytis,

okay, I see.

I thought, the task page was ordered by date, but obviously this is not the case here (although it's true for all other result pages I've seen up to now, here and for my other Boinc projects).


Best regards,
Christian Mandery
3) Message boards : Problems and Help : Bug: 321 Prime Search not listed in "tasks" (Message 15069)
Posted 4484 days ago by ChrisM
Hello everyone,

I recently processed a 321 Prime task that has been successfully uploaded, but yet is not being listed under "Your account". I don't know whether credits have been granted, but I don't think so.

This is the line from Boinc's job log:
1240484663.693945 ue 37878.153134 ct 62883.690000 fe 86780441531889.000000 nm llr321_31278448_0

Unfortunately, it does not state the workunit or task ID there, so I cannot look it up. Only the name (llr321_31278448_0) is included, which could possibly be used to find out, what went wrong on the server.



Some more data from my Boinc log:
Computation finished (today) around 11:04 UTC (13:04 Middle European Summer Time = Germany). The task should have been uploaded at 12:46 UTC (14:46 MEST), actually two tasks have been reported at 12:46, but only one is listed on the tasks page!

Of course, I don't bother about credits for those 10 ten CPU hours, but I think I discovered a bug here that might affect more users or tasks, so if someone has time, he should probably investigate this.

Thanks in advance and keep on crunching!

Best regards from Germany,
Christian Mandery
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