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11) Message boards : Problems and Help : Errors occured and were corrected - warning on PSP tasks (Message 161825)
Posted 162 days ago by HonzaProject donor
Those steps you have done are good ones.
I had similar problem than disabling power boost helped.

How about power supply?
I see you have powerfull GPU as well in that host.

I would also disable SMT - running 4 task with 32 cores is not faster, you would be better with 16 real cores.
This may also help with stress on the system.
12) Message boards : General discussion : Some questions from a newbie (Message 161360)
Posted 182 days ago by HonzaProject donor
Hi :-)

All good question and basically general answer would be "yes" to all.

Ad 2 - for me, it makes (more) sense if one comupter is doing one sub-project and different one doing something else.

Some CPU are doing better on short task, some on longer.
See recent How to optimize the number of threads form example.

Why not?
Running multiple kind of task on single computer would be probably less efficient and frankly, single compuetr has minicrule change of finding primes on several subprojects.

With single/small number of computers, I would run one subproject to find a primes, then contunie to more demanding one.

Ad 3 - basically, larger the candidate, smaller the chance of finding a prime.
See also Is there a 'probability of finding a prime' listed anywhere? for examples and formula.
13) Message boards : Number crunching : 4070 Ti benchmarks (Message 161358)
Posted 182 days ago by HonzaProject donor
Thanks for those number.
Looks like 4070 Ti is no far behind 4080.

Can you share power consumptions?
Ilustrative would be enough - like GFN17, DYFL, AP, PPS
14) Message boards : Number crunching : International Women's Day Challenge (Message 161357)
Posted 182 days ago by HonzaProject donor
You had no completed any SGS tasks during challenge, sorry.
Please, re-read the first post, mainly "To participate in the challenge" part
15) Message boards : Number crunching : VPN stalls uploads only to some projects (Message 161266)
Posted 186 days ago by HonzaProject donor
Personally, I'm using VPN on one of my hosts and hadn't noticed any problems with PG.

Some VPN services run/offer setup to use custom DNS. And they filters out (ie. block) certain website, usually the ones with a lot of annoying ads. Better experience for a user, standard browser...until it breaks something.
So think about setup.

And also on a personal note, I do and will continue to block IP addresses or subnets on my corporate network.
There tends to be a comsiderable number of attacks attemps on infrastructure...from certain IPs/subnets.
China as one can expect, UA lately and - yeah - Amsterdam are of the top origin.

You can investigate a bit more using trace route...
16) Message boards : Number crunching : International Women's Day Challenge (Message 161028)
Posted 203 days ago by HonzaProject donor
Well, in my results I see:
39.91 credit for regular SGS tasks
79.83 credit for SGS prime tasks.

Challenge: 862 053.31 credit and 21 598 tasks.
21596 * 39.91 = 861896,36
2 * 79.83 = 159,66
Total 862056.02
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Tour de Primes 2023 (Message 160828)
Posted 214 days ago by HonzaProject donor
Also note that last year we had "only" ~30 participants out of ~150 that got TdP badge thanks to single PPSE prime.
The other ~120 found GFN16 or larger (or multiple PPSe)

Finding GFN16 this year is twice easier on average.
And even easier for average guys and (below)average GPUs.
And much much easier using (below)average CPU, which was close to impossible last year to be first competing with GPUs or fast CPU.
This year, we have ~90 participants getting TdP badge finding single GFN16.

My point - not that much was lost due to PPSE not eligible for the 2023 TdP.
PPSE, it's a shame but basically more than compansated thanks to new GFN.

My conclusion would be that this year is much easier to score a prime in TdP 2023.

TdP 2024 might be a bit more struggle...
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges III (Message 160747)
Posted 217 days ago by HonzaProject donor
And then, there are two SoB and one ESP that is even 2B Double Ruby.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges III (Message 160552)
Posted 226 days ago by HonzaProject donor
Hunting GFN18...
20) Message boards : Number crunching : How Many Mega Primes in 2023 (Message 159413)
Posted 253 days ago by HonzaProject donor

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