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11) Message boards : Number crunching : App names (Message 109290)
Posted 1371 days ago by Profile Doc NoProject donor
It's been frustrating for me for some time to try to match project names on the PrimeGrid home page to the forums to the projects listed in my account page to the names used in the Primegrid preferences in my account. It's pretty hard to correlate the different names if you aren't in here all the time. And figuring out which projects use which applications is often not obvious either. It would be nice if there were either consistent terminology used or a crosswalk somewhere that summarized all the various places projects are used.
12) Message boards : Number crunching : For the betterment of BOINC (Message 109289)
Posted 1371 days ago by Profile Doc NoProject donor
Tuning a multi-threaded app is complex, and is about as far from "one-size-fits-all" as you can get. The optimal number of threads depends on numerous factors.

This is not necessarily directed at Michael but more a general comment: It would be lovely if BOINC could be given a range of parameters to test, then set it loose to iterate through each set of parameters (say, 10 tasks in each iteration or whatever to get a decent baseline) and once it has iterated through all the possible combinations, pick the set that worked the best.

I'm thinking back to the good 'ol days of computing with things like memmaker in MS DOS or Conflict Catcher on the Mac - utilities that would automatically iterate through different configuration sets and then pick the best configurations.

They weren't perfect but they worked the majority of the time. You can always still go in and tweak things manually, obviously (and indeed both of those tools not only let you do that, but more importantly gave you help in managing those manual tweaks! Saving of configs for reuse, etc.).

Obviously there are problems as the nature of tasks within the same project change over time which impacts some of these parameters and overall throughput, changing the mix of projects running on one machine can throw things off, etc.

However I think that any automation in helping figure out the right parameters for optimum performance would still be amazing even if it still has some caveats to it. Not only would more work get done, but it would help save resources (electricity, cooling, etc.). Spread across all BOINC users I have no doubt that the return would be significant. And with the pervasiveness of the Internet, being able to share and test other's config sets for people running similar workloads on similar hardware would be significant as well.

Incremental efficiencies scale over large user bases dramatically :)
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Skylake and Kaby Lake hyper threading bug! (Message 108759)
Posted 1416 days ago by Profile Doc NoProject donor
Another reason to disable hyper threading - it's bugged!

Beware, disable for now and look for BIOS updates seems to be the MOTD.

EDIT: Excellent post on the Debian mailing list too:

It was linked in the el Reg story but thought I would also point it out since it's very good and well worth reading - well, by anyone who want's their CPUs to be reliable anyway :p

Edited the subject line to be more informative, moved the sensationalization to the first line of the post.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Cards targeted at cryptocurrency mining? May be good for primegrid too! (Message 108672)
Posted 1425 days ago by Profile Doc NoProject donor
I would seriously consider getting such a card for PrimeGrid if my wife let me run my computer 24x7.

Yeah, I should have been clearer - I'm only interested in these for PrimeGrid, not mining. Most people trying to make money at mining are going to have a hard time competing with the big organized miners.
15) Message boards : Number crunching : AMD to appear atop the Primegrid fastest GPU charts once again? (Message 108671)
Posted 1425 days ago by Profile Doc NoProject donor
This looks promising for those interested in the highest of the high end cards:

Interesting benchmarks included - the first I have seen for the new cards.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Cards targeted at cryptocurrency mining? May be good for primegrid too! (Message 108395)
Posted 1435 days ago by Profile Doc NoProject donor

A cheaper 1060 with no display connectors? Sounds perfect!
17) Message boards : Number crunching : LLR 3.8.20 Going Live! (Message 106773)
Posted 1493 days ago by Profile Doc NoProject donor
I witnessed the same thing. However, with CPUs that support hyperthreading, I have been successful turning that on and limiting CPU threads to the physical cores. The "free" virtual cores seem to be enough to feed the GPUs.

Did you do that via processor affinity and are you under Linux or Windows?
18) Message boards : Number crunching : 1080 ti Memory identified incorrectly (?) by BOINC (Message 106772)
Posted 1493 days ago by Profile Doc NoProject donor
Thanks Pooh Bear - I thought it might be but figured I'd mention it anyway just in case.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Extremely cool (and quiet!) 1080 ti - Asus ROG Strix (Message 106771)
Posted 1493 days ago by Profile Doc NoProject donor
My 970 bit the dust, for the second time. I'm still dealing with MSI on it and I'll probably get it replaced again but I don't think their design is much use for crunching :( Now that the card is two years old people having problems with my particular model are pretty common when you google the card. Ugh. So I ended up replacing it. For those who might be interested, I shared my journey below after the graphics. It's a bit long winded so enough of that and off to the good stuff.

I ended up with an Asus ROG Strix OC Edition. The cooling on this card is insane. The stock frequency for the reference edition is 1,480 MHz with a boost to 1,582 MHz. Mine is a factory overclock that I haven't played with at 1,873 MHz and the temperature is a stead 66c with fan speed of 1510 RPM at a reported 41% fan speed (!!)

After years of having graphics cards that sound like hair dryers when running PrimeGrid tasks, this thing is spooky quiet!

Now to the goodies - the first picture is from their monitoring software, the second is the GPU stats (similar to CPU-Z for CPUs) and the last is the current BOINC tasks I have running. That one is fun too.

I didn't pay attention and the motherboard I got (Asus Maximus IX Hero) doesn't do quad channel DDR so it may go back. Out of all the other stuff I checked I feel pretty stupid I didn't catch that.

So for those who are interested, the backstory:

I have been watching the developments around the latest cards for some time now and was starting to settle on a 1070 of some sort (not from MSI!). But then the 1080 ti's were announced. And then I started reading through the benchmarks. In particular I was really fascinated by several reviews of some of the first non founders editions cards and Asus did a really good job of getting some of their new Republic of Gaming (ROG) Strix cards out there to reviewers since they were all over the place. One thing that really stood out to me in all the reviews were the mentioned that in all but the most demanding games the fans didn't even spin up or ran pretty slowly. That was completely different from most of the founders editions cards built on the Nvidia reference designs. Given my recent experiences cooling was definitely a priority!

I thought the only saving grace to spare me from the temptation from this very pricey toy was the knowledge that demand for these was going to be high; I probably wouldn't even see one for purchase at a reasonable price any time soon. The Thursday before last I was looking in Google for the latest 1080 ti reviews and lo and behold there was a link for Newegg. With the Asus ROG Strix. I figured it was a pre-order or something - I clicked on it.

Not only wasn't it a pre-order, but they had them in stock for $738 (!) In the a moment of weakness, I pulled the trigger. Five days later it showed up on my door - woot! Time to geek out! Except it required PCI Express V3 and my old i7 3300K build had a motherboard that was only PCI Express 2.0. After some more hemming and hawing I decided to build an i7 7700K machine for the card. Nothing like going whole hog.

And that's how I ended up getting one of the best GPUs for crunching I've ever had. It's also great for gaming too - but it will spend way more time crunching!
20) Message boards : Number crunching : 1080 ti Memory identified incorrectly (?) by BOINC (Message 106769)
Posted 1493 days ago by Profile Doc NoProject donor
If this isn't the best place to report this just let me know.

I just built a new i7 7700K rig - mainly because I managed to luck into a 1080 ti that was in stock (always a good excuse to build a whole new machine - ha!). I just noticed in BOINC that the 1080 ti is identified as:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (4095MB)

It actually has 11GB of memory on the card. I'm not sure if it really matters or if that's even what BOINC is reporting here.

I have noted that some projects now specify GPUs have to have a minimum amount of VRAM (well under 4GB) and if that is what BOINC thinks the card has then at some point having the amount of VRAM accurately reported might be a useful thing.

I have other thoughts on the particular 1080 ti that I will post in a separate thread (spoiler - it's wicked fast!)

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