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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : PrimeGrid Output file absent (Message 29723)
Posted 3867 days ago by koooooj
Pooh Bear 27:

Thanks a million! I installed the driver from the link at the bottom of this message, rebooted and it worked like a charm. I didn't even realize that Collatz and Milkyway were using CAL instead of Open CL, or that my drivers weren't supporting Open CL.

Happy Crunching!

2) Message boards : Problems and Help : PrimeGrid Output file absent (Message 29718)
Posted 3867 days ago by koooooj
Ken_g6 (or anyone else who would happen to know):

How certain are you that it is the .NET 3.5 Runtime that I need, and how would I verify this? I've been trying to install the 3.5 Runtime from Microsoft for about 30 minutes and none of the installers will run through to completion (except for an install of .NET 4.0; does this include the msvcrt90.dll file that I need? Can I check if I have it?)

At any rate, none of my efforts have thus far been successful; each WU .

If it matters, I am running Windows 7 Enterprise Edition. It thought that it was a stolen copy until earlier today, so it wouldn't update stuff. I have since resolved the license issue. (The copy of Windows is fully legal etc. etc. I neither pirate nor advocate the pirating of software as both my parents are software developers).

Once again, thanks for any and all help!

3) Message boards : Problems and Help : PrimeGrid Output file absent (Message 29701)
Posted 3867 days ago by koooooj
I'm getting a similar error. The message I'm seeing is:

12/20/2010 1:43:40 PM PrimeGrid Output file pps_sr2sieve_5998263_1_0 for task pps_sr2sieve_5998263_1 absent

For each of the WUs running "Proth Prime Search (Sieve) 1.35 (ati13ati)"

My GPU is a FirePro v7800 (workstation equivalent of a Radeon 5850 card). This was happening, so I updated the drivers, and it is still happening. My present driver version is 8.746.3.2-100724a1-103310C in Catalyst Control Center. I know this card is capable of running BOINC applications, as it runs Collatz@home and MilkyWay@home just fine; I was hoping to be able to sieve with is as well.

If it is useful, my comp uses a core i7 930 that I clock anywhere between stock and 4.4 GHz, 6x2 GB DDR3 1600, GSkill Phoenix Pro 120 GB SSD + 1 TB Barracuda, and the aforementioned FirePro v7800. It runs 24/7 (hello electric bill) with BOINC always running, and has a sketchy internet connection through a Belkin USB wireless adapter.

Thanks for any and all help!
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