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1) Message boards : Wieferich and Wall-Sun-Sun Prime Search : WW Workunit stuck (Message 149278)
Posted 69 days ago by Sir Alan
I am on my second 'stuck' WW work unit. The first always stuck at around 3% and reset to zero on restarting the computer next day; the current one has stuck overnight (with the pc left running) at 36.219% with 137d 10:32:58 remaining and a deadline of four days ago. All that is changing is the elapsed time which increments steadily.
2) Message boards : The Riesel Problem : Reducing TRP-Sieve deadline to 3 days, or increase everything to 4 days? (Message 83799)
Posted 2263 days ago by Sir Alan
Personally I have stopped bothering with Prime Grid tasks simply because they don't allow enough time. If I go on holiday there are too many tasks that run out of time or have to be run as high priority when I get back.

These days I only work for projects that allow 14 days.

Cutting your already stupid 4 days to 3 is just going to alienate more people. And what for? The numbers have been prime or not since before the start of the universe and still will be in another few days. What's the rush?

I couldn't agree more. I now run Primegrid only occasionally to see if the deadlines are more realistic against the amount of processing time required, but nothing has changed for the better; rather it seems that it is about to change for the worse. The suggestion that we should run Primegrid exclusively smacks of arrogance; the whole point of BOINC is to run multiple projects, and those other projects generally seem to manage very well.

My laptop pc (with a quad-core I3) runs mostly between 08h30 and 19h30 daily, and has no problem processing other projects' work comfortably within their deadlines; little chance of that with Primegrid.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Still working on an already-validated workunit (Message 71305)
Posted 2715 days ago by Sir Alan
...As of a day or two ago, the server was set to wait an hour after the deadline before sending out a replacement task.

That is little help if the deadline is not remotely realistic in the first place. My last few WUs (Genefer 2.04) have started with an estimated remaining time of around 1435 hours - ~60 days - and a deadline around 20 days away. That is ridiculous even if the pc is running 24/7, which mine is not (scheduler is set to run 08h30 to 19h30 daily). Consequently it always runs on high priority to the detriment of other better-behaved projects, but still over-runs by a considerable margin. SETI tasks for example tend to complete weeks within their deadlines, even though sharing normally.

And yes, my system clock is set to the correct time and date. And no, it's not a coal-fired 486: it's a 2.10GHz quad-core i3 running Windoze 7.
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