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1) Message boards : Number crunching : 2019 Mega Primes (Message 135985)
Posted 1179 days ago by Eikelenboom
#403 GFN-17 OR GFN-19 ?
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : My BOINC went haywire! (Message 134586)
Posted 1230 days ago by Eikelenboom

If i'm correct the default value for the max thread setting in Primegrid is 1, so if you haven't changed that value, in the same screen you select the subprojects, you will get only tasks with 1 thread (no matter the value(s) in app-config).

Based on info from this forum:
The "doesn't match" message occurs after an UPDATE and before the download of the first task of a subproject. At startup the client tries to verify the app-config by checking the content against specific subproject information, but after an UPDATE that information doesn't exist anymore (deleted as part of the UPDATE).
After the first download (and execution) of a task for a subproject, that information will exitst again and the message will dispaear.

3) Message boards : Problems and Help : My BOINC went haywire! (Message 134559)
Posted 1231 days ago by Eikelenboom

Just to make sure:

Have you also set the max-threads value in your online preferences on the profile for that computer to a higher value?
If i'm correct the app-config can limit values, but will not increase them.

Looks like you have set up this computer for sieving and GPU only, so i can imaging that increasing that value made no sense at that moment.

4) Message boards : Problems and Help : My BOINC went haywire! (Message 134374)
Posted 1236 days ago by Eikelenboom
One option that can cause this situation is the option to receive work from other projects if no work is available for the selected projects (last checkbox of the preferences).

If this option is checked, the system will sometimes give you llr321 even if the selected projects seems to have enough work.
This should be visible in the logfile. You wil see a list of your selected projects with no work available for each project. And depending on the value of this switch you will get a log-entry that another project is selected, or that no other project can be selected.

When I experienced this situation in the past, unchecking this box helped.

Perhaps you have this option activated?

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