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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems with latest Windows 10 update (Message 90609)
Posted 2843 days ago by Profile Coleslaw
I have moved several boxes to Windows 10. The issues I have seen are certainly the GPU driver updates as reported. I have also seen the upgrade change my systems power options to Balanced which made the system go to sleep. So, if you are seeing downclocking and other weird behavior, double check your settings.
2) Message boards : [H]ard|OCP message board (Message 87948)
Posted 2943 days ago by Profile Coleslaw
Every project that I'm a Team Founder at and supports it. Which is most of the projects now. I think these threads would be best served if we were discussing tactics for a challenge or something and didn't want the competition to know what we were planning. A lot of teams know to check our primary forums...
3) Message boards : [H]ard|OCP message board (Message 86842)
Posted 2989 days ago by Profile Coleslaw
I have turned on the feature for message boards here. I did this because not everyone whom joins our team is registered at our primary forum. The only people whom can see posts here are members of our team.
4) Message boards : The Riesel Problem : Reducing TRP-Sieve deadline to 3 days, or increase everything to 4 days? (Message 83780)
Posted 3133 days ago by Profile Coleslaw
If this is simply to help clean up after challenges, then I don't see why it is a problem in the first place. If it were something like SOB, then maybe. I have a 2P AMD rig that takes a couple months to complete those work units. So, I can see the hurry to finalize the stats reporting. (though still not fair for those whom don't care about the challenge) But for a very short work unit? That is just silly to be concerned about...

I don't see any other reason to demand a short deadline. I do see more problems arising by shortening it than good. If the tasks go into panic mode due to becoming "high priority" then BOINC will pause GPU work to squeeze every ounce of CPU time out to complete work. This happens even if you reserved a full core for GPU work. Reducing the deadline will only increase this potential headache. If anything, deadlines for the shorter work units should be increased as there is no needed rush for them.

I typically keep a 0 or near 0 cached. I also tend to run multiple projects. Very rarely do I run into the above issue, but it does still occur from time to time. I would think encouraging the potential scenario above with shorter deadlines would be counter productive as that would suspend greater work being done on the GPU's even if someone was only attached to PG. Just my $.02.
5) Message boards : General discussion : DC-Vault Ongoing Challenge for Multiple Projects (Message 77485)
Posted 3390 days ago by Profile Coleslaw

The Vault Admins have posted a list of projects to be added to, and removed from the Vault. Now is your chance to have your say on what is being proposed. Here are a couple of links to the public discussion about what the Admins have come up with.


6) Message boards : Number crunching : Android x86 app (Message 73137)
Posted 3528 days ago by Profile Coleslaw
I honestly don't know yet. It was just supported with the latest release and I already have a VM with Android 4.2 on it. BOINC installed pretty smoothly. SETI BETA is currently trying to get an app ported.

My VM for testing:

I did find this article which suggests that Android in general can support it.

But this article doesn't leave me very hopeful for OpenCL

Besides, is there a reason TRP Sieve couldn't also be ported since it is already working for ARM?
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Android x86 app (Message 73051)
Posted 3530 days ago by Profile Coleslaw
Berkeley released Android version of BOINC 7.2.39 which now supports x86 processors. Since more devices and virtual machines may start using Android as a platform, it would be nice to have a working app.

AMD will be adding ARM processors to Opterons in servers soon that will also support 64bit. It is only a matter of time before there is a 64 bit version of Android. Many may find this as an attractive option over other Linux installs. BOINC updates much easier in Android and can do so automatically.

I currently have Android 4.2 in a VM for testing and can confirm BOINC installed just fine as intended.

type x86-android-linux-gnu
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Android (Message 72746)
Posted 3536 days ago by Profile Coleslaw
I'd love to see a rack full of phones :D! Could they all sort off 1 PSU just via the USB?

I have found that most phones can't keep a good enough charge off of the USB while crunching. All chargers are different and the phones will have different power needs as well. Mine stay plugged into a power strip. Most of these devices are more power efficient per their results and are worth using from an efficiency stand point. They just don't crank them out very fast. It certainly will take a lot of them to get most crunchers interested.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Android (Message 72708)
Posted 3537 days ago by Profile Coleslaw
Don't trust the nativeBOINC stats page. It misrepresents the true number of devices. It says I have 19 devices. I have only ever had 5 and only run 4 currently. All of my devices had been connected to multiple projects so cross id should have identified them. I even merged them when they became duplicates at various projects. Even after doing all of this, the stats still say I have almost 4 times the devices that I do.

I still run a couple of the older phones still running ARMv6 processors. That is all they do is run nativeBOINC (Berkeleys wont work on the older devices). No special heat sink or fan setups to keep them cool. (Vortex & Optimus V and previously the Ally before I gave it to my kid) I still run a Bionic (ARMv7) full time and my Galaxy S3 runs probably ~12 hours a day. It may be different for each device, but I think the scares were all based on skepticism rather than through demonstration.

I will chime in that though they do work and that there are billions of these devices, they wont make a huge dent until someone comes out with an affordable multi-socket rig for the hard core crunchers. Or the GPUs are finally usable with the energy efficiency making them a valid choice. Current devices are just too expensive to make it worth building a farm out of them unless it is just cycled out equipment or hobby gear. Billions of people still don't know these devices can be used and DC volunteers are a very small percentage of the population.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : cc_config, app_config, or both? Limiting which apps go to which video cards (Message 72705)
Posted 3537 days ago by Profile Coleslaw
Just confirming that it works great. Thanks again.

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