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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Unable to Report Workunits (Message 3923)
Posted 5447 days ago by littleBouncer
I can't upload done WU's.:

28.08.2006 17:28:10|PrimeGrid|Sending scheduler request to
28.08.2006 17:28:10|PrimeGrid|Reason: Requested by user
28.08.2006 17:28:10|PrimeGrid|Requesting 0 seconds of work, returning 17 results
28.08.2006 17:28:11|PrimeGrid|Scheduler request to succeeded
28.08.2006 17:28:11|PrimeGrid|No start tag in scheduler reply
28.08.2006 17:28:11|PrimeGrid|Can't parse scheduler reply
28.08.2006 17:28:12|PrimeGrid|Deferring communication with project for 59 seconds

greetz from CH littleBouncer
2) Message boards : General discussion : Madonna Clips (Message 1899)
Posted 5721 days ago by littleBouncer
Madonna live at London's Koko-Club (Nov.15.05)

see here !

greetz littleBouncer
3) Message boards : General discussion : Smilies (Message 1882)
Posted 5728 days ago by littleBouncer
looks like I just answered my own question!!

So next question, is there a list we can have somewhere of the smilies which are available to use??

Here are some others:
(quote from Rytis)
BTW, check the emoticons ;) :afro: :alien: :( :D :O :crazy: :laugh: :bounce: :hmmm: :rolleyes: :P :huh: :blink: :blush:
And I think I will submit the code for checkin, it will be nice to have emoticons on all BOINC forums :evil:

[edit] Argh, broken.
[edit2] No more :whistle:
[edit3] Duh, it is...
[edit4] Is it really or not? :whistle:
[edit5] Finally :jump:

(/quote Rytis)

BTW: you can see the 'code' for them by clicking on 'reply to this post'

greetz littleBouncer
4) Message boards : Number crunching : How invalid is this one? (Message 1790)
Posted 5739 days ago by littleBouncer
Fire that administrator, or at least flog him. ;)

It works now....;)

greetz littleBouncer
5) Message boards : Number crunching : How invalid is this one? (Message 1767)
Posted 5740 days ago by littleBouncer
I have the same thing as Ageless, see this thread. I will suspend PG just the issue is fixed.

greetz littleBouncer
BTW: also the daily quota decreases...:(

Edit: with the second result the same...;(
6) Message boards : Number crunching : RSA 768 (Message 1761)
Posted 5740 days ago by littleBouncer
But the result from the WU discribed bellow is invalid and I don't know why. The client has crunched 2 hours 46 min. (or 9'900 secs) . What is wrong with that result 509536.
Will the others also be invalid?

greetz littleBouncer
BTW: on the results table it is marked as invalid, but on this site it is marked as pending...?!?!?
7) Message boards : Number crunching : RSA 768 (Message 1760)
Posted 5740 days ago by littleBouncer
It used 2 hours 46 min/WU, that is 8 times as long as ras640!
-nothing unusual with the new appl. 4.01, happy crunching!-

greetz littleBouncer
8) Message boards : Number crunching : RSA 768 (Message 1757)
Posted 5740 days ago by littleBouncer
My notebook crunches the first rsa 768 (without any problem) and I noted:
The WU will be 10 times longer than rsa640!
(not, how indicated 5 times on the frontpage)
Before this host used 19 min./WU, after 1 hour 40 min. 50% are done....
Or is there a change in using the 2Level cache?

greetz littleBouncer
9) Message boards : Number crunching : No work! (Message 1696)
Posted 5748 days ago by littleBouncer
nun da das gleich Problem mit den neuen 5.x versionen bestand und zusätzlich ich ständig fehlermeldungen bekam, projekte ließen sich nicht anmelden, die alten auf dem Rechner konnten sich nicht Connecten, hab ich die gut funtionierende 4.72 wieder installiert.

auf beiden Rechnern, nur schade ist das der große nur sehr wenig arbeit bekam. Ist da ein Problem bekannt etwa mit übertakteten CPU's oder Antiviren Software oder ähnliches??

aber trotzdem vielen dank für eure hilfe ;)

Am Besten setzt Du Dich mit Cori (dem PG-Moderator, der eigentlich seiner Aufgabe nicht nachkam) in Verbindung.

greetz littleBouncer
10) Message boards : Problems and Help : Great to be Back! (Message 1686)
Posted 5748 days ago by littleBouncer
Great to be back again!
THX for solving.

PrimeGrid. Making people sucessful in a changing world.

greetz littleBouncer

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