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1) Message boards : AP26 - AP27 Search : AP26 Search (2008-2010) (Message 12321)
Posted 4550 days ago by Blast
Cool, I'll add a few machines to it just for fun. And if 32bit is so slow, just forget about it, there's plenty to do for 32bit machines already.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : The Prime Time Challenge (Reloaded) (Message 11763)
Posted 4578 days ago by Blast
Please do not take this as a negative criticism but I feel I should point out my disappointment. We were asked before the challange to test out the new server with PPS LLR. I did as asked. The problem is that my ISP set-up is that I need to have a cache of two days. I was not warned or in deed did not recognise the fact that I should have aborted all units at the start of the challange. As it stands now, I am not in the challange as half way through I still be working on units that are not recognised for the challange.

I can understand your disappointment but how else would the challenge work without cheaters ? People would just download a bunch of units and then pull the plug and upload all at once when the challenge started - that would skew for the rest of us...

Not only that, I am now receiving messages that the uploaded completed units are rejected as they are already completed. Disappointing..

Well, if you'd read Post 11755 you'd see the explanation clearly:

This happens, if the server load is that high, so that your client's connection times out. The server still gets your results and mark them as reported, but it can't tell your client to delete them from your list. Your client will retry to report the tasks, but the server already marked them as reported in the database and returns that message.

So everything is ok, no work lost.

So reading up on what others write could be "nice" especially since you're "disappointed" yourself...
3) Message boards : Number crunching : The Prime Time Challenge (Reloaded) (Message 11733)
Posted 4579 days ago by Blast
Same here, no work available but then I managed to get a few units so one of my machines has work for the next 5 minutes or so ... Hope this starts working better soon!
4) Message boards : Number crunching : CPU Type (Message 11577)
Posted 4592 days ago by Blast
If you Sieve alot, you'll get >50% more speed if you install a 64bit OS + 64bit BOINC but if you're only doing LLR it won't make a difference.
5) Message boards : Problems and Help : Problem with report-frequency and queue-length (Message 10807)
Posted 4647 days ago by Blast
Problem solved, was client-side problem. Went into client_state.xml and modified that value to 1 and voilá, it works as it should.
6) Message boards : Problems and Help : Problem with report-frequency and queue-length (Message 10804)
Posted 4648 days ago by Blast
OK, I think I've found something. This is weird:

Looking again at the profiles of the hosts here on shows this anomaly:

Computer2: While BOINC running, % of time work is allowed 99.9927 %
Computer1: While BOINC running, % of time work is allowed 0.1004 %


7) Message boards : Problems and Help : Problem with report-frequency and queue-length (Message 10803)
Posted 4648 days ago by Blast
Ok, did some more testing and have come to the conclusion that I don't know what's wrong really (ok, no change really) - but it looks to me like a server problem maybe.

I manually changed from 5 to 10 days again and it did this:

Sending scheduler request: To fetch work. Requesting 421742 seconds of work, reporting 0 completed tasks

Ok, not unsurprisingly it wants more work. How much is 421742 seconds of work? 4.88 days which is a nice number. Since "someone" thinks I already have about 5 days worth of work and change 5 to 10 then voilá, it wants roughly 5 days more of work.

But the server only sent me 4 WU! I already had 5 units (4 are crunching, one ready to start)

So is it client side problem or server problem?

Looking at the client profile here on reveals nothing that I can see is so totally different between the machines either.
8) Message boards : Problems and Help : Problem with report-frequency and queue-length (Message 10800)
Posted 4648 days ago by Blast
Try shutting down BOINC, finding your client_state.xml file, and resetting PrimeGrid's duration_correction_factor to 1 and all projects' long_term_debt to 0 on both PCs. It's probably DCF that was pushed way up (or down) on one PC by some specific kind of WUs that the other one did not get, and now externally the prefs are the same, but they get overridden by internal values.

OK, Did that..

Computer1 had DCF=3.264790 and LTD=0.000.
Computer2 had DCF=3.123846 and LTD=0.000.

Set both to DCF=1.

Both Computers immidiately decided to download some work and after a few moments Computer1 has stopped downloading new work (requests 0) and now has ... 10.

Computer2 though has lots and downloaded .. more.

Anything else I can try? That wasn't it apparently.

Diff'd both client_state.xml and global_prefs.xml and client_state.xml had differences naturally but nothing that would change anything here. global_prefs.xml were identical.
9) Message boards : Problems and Help : What do you do with credits? (Message 10790)
Posted 4649 days ago by Blast
I use it to pick women up, you'll never guess how many fall for the "wanna see my WUs?" line.

EDIT: wait a moment, no I don't, I'm married, must've been my other self.
10) Message boards : Problems and Help : Problem with report-frequency and queue-length (Message 10789)
Posted 4649 days ago by Blast
I have a number of machines but these are the opposites of each other :

I'm using boincstats to give the clients their settings, they're in "work" both of them, set both on the boincstats pages and on primegrid's pages, so settings should be identical.

Opening Advanced->Preferences on both of them show 100% identical settings.

The machines are 100% identical, built at the same time with exactly the same OS (Vista64 Ultimate), same motherboards, same CPUs, same graphics cards, same harddrives, same memory even, ok, fine, the PSU and case is different, but that's it.

The settings say to report every 0.01 (meaning 100 times per day) and to keep 5 days worth of extra work.

They're both quad cores btw.

So far so good, now to the issue.

Computer1 has a total queue of 4-7 units and very often reports the WU within a few minutes (report every 0.01 = works, keep queue of 5 = doesn't work).

Computer2 has a total queue of .. I donno... 100 workunits? A few screens worth of units anyway (if you want to know the number I can count). And it doesn't report them until it has a nice bunch of them.. 20? 30? (report every 0.01 = doesn't work, keep queue of 5 = works).

Anyone have any idea what's wrong?

Identical machines on identical OS's running same BOINC version and crunches same stuff.

Now the most annoying thing is Computer1's queue. I really do want it to cache a few days of work since if I lose internet I don't want it to just sit there doing nothing. And I really do want Computer2 to report more often than it does.

It's also not as if the server is refusing to hand out work, if I manually press the update button on Computer1 it just tells me "Sending scheduler request: Requested by user. Requesting 0 seconds of work, reporting 0 completed tasks".

Computer2 naturally reports everything it's crunched if I ask it to manually.

I manually went in and set the queue length to 10 days on Computer1 and it downloaded 6 new workunits, but not a single one more. Then I cleared the local settings and told it to update again - again it requested only 0 seconds of work.

Anyone have a clue?

EDIT: Boinc 6.2.18 is what I'm using.

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