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11) Message boards : Problems and Help : Problem accessing web site (Message 10942)
Posted 4606 days ago by SlothProject donor
Anyone else having problems getting to For the last few days it has been intermittent. Wait a little bit and I often can get through. I have not looked to see if this "outage" if effecting the client. It has been different times of day both during during peak and off peak times. It is not my bad typing since I am following a bookmark and hitting refresh ultimately gets me here.

12) Message boards : Problems and Help : Signature verification failure (Message 10686)
Posted 4623 days ago by SlothProject donor
Had the same thing on my wife's computer. Disabled the CA firewall and things worked fine.


I get the following error for every wu:

14.09.2008 12:45:37|PrimeGrid|Started download of llrWOO_17820021
14.09.2008 12:45:38|PrimeGrid|Finished download of llrWOO_17820021
14.09.2008 12:45:41|PrimeGrid|Finished download of primegrid_llr_wrapper_5.07_windows_intelx86.exe
14.09.2008 12:45:41|PrimeGrid|[error] Signature verification failed for primegrid_llr_wrapper_5.07_windows_intelx86.exe
14.09.2008 12:45:41|PrimeGrid|[error] Checksum or signature error for primegrid_llr_wrapper_5.07_windows_intelx86.exe

I want to take part in the current challange, so i configured my profile to only use "Woodall prime search".
Host is

What's wrong?

13) Message boards : 321 Prime Search : Time of test (Message 10195)
Posted 4647 days ago by SlothProject donor
What is a rough guess to complete a work unit on a core2 2.4GHz cpu? I have not done 321 and was wondering how long each one takes.

14) Message boards : Number crunching : PSP finds Mega Prime!!! (Message 9878)
Posted 4667 days ago by SlothProject donor
The big 9500 test change was due to all the work from PrimeGrid getting incorporated into the database. All of the 4M-5M work that has been completed was just added in.
The new prime took out about 78000 from the roughly 903640 remaining unteseted values below 50M.

PrimeGrid has made a HUGE impact on this project. Beyond just the 9500 testes that were completed there is all the sieve work that has cut down on LLR tests that are needed. PG has so far removed 86900 factors - more then what removing a prime from the list has done. Each LLR test takes longer then 24 hours to complete. At the higher range that is currently being sieved that is probably closer to 30 hours per test.

With everyones help hopefully we can all find another prime or two this year.


edit: and of course after I go back and reread the previous post I see he mentioned all the tests removed below 50M and not the work submitted in the 5M range.
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