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1) Message boards : Primegen : What is the purpose of primegen? (Message 6942)
Posted 5030 days ago by stanekProject donor
The other 3 applications, woodall, cullen and twin prime search are pretty self eplanitory but what the purpose primegen?

Is it creating the list of primes starting at 0?

If so, does creating this benefit in any way to the other 3 projects currently running?

If possible could anyone explain to me the method of how this application works, in theory or in detail.
2) Message boards : PrimeGrid : Screensaver concept art (Message 6924)
Posted 5031 days ago by stanekProject donor
So I guess the development will be halted until we have money for the graphics engine (I've added a donation item). I'll port what I have now, and the finalizing can wait - afterall, BOINC v6 is not there yet.

Seems like the donation has been met ;)
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