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21) Message boards : 321 Prime Search : Lots of Error (Message 134563)
Posted 756 days ago by Profile SophieProject donor
Hello Everybody,
during the 50 years First ARPANET Connection Challenge the first 7 WU came back wrong, so i stop the challenge.
After the challanged i started a run of 12 321 LLR WU. The first 3 of them just finished and are inconclusive again.

So it looks like my computer has Problems with LLR tasks. Is there anything i can do?


I added 2 More Ram Modules a few weeks ago, corsair vengence 3000 (the same type i alredy used) then i double checked the ram with memtest86 for 24h, no errors.

Also there are no errors on any other BOINC projects so far. Just a problem with the primegrid llr tasks. I will test some of the shorter WU tonight.

But i am still happy for help.
22) Message boards : Generalized Fermat Prime Search : GFN 19 seems not to continue (Message 131420)
Posted 860 days ago by Profile SophieProject donor
Good Morning everyone,

yesterday I noticed that one GFN 19WU seems to be a bit behind. There are actually 4 WU'S runnig on my pc. All startet at the same time. 3 Of them are actually by aroun 19% after 1d20h and one is only by 6% and dont moving, the percentage is exactly the same for more than 12h. But it is aktive.

Anyone know ths problem?
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