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31) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges (Message 40058)
Posted 3743 days ago by uBronan
LLR: 10k/100k/500k; sieve/ap26: 20k/200k/1m.

We'll see about manual credits, and we'll also have badge explanation page "Soon™" :)

I would welcome that now i am clueless how to get them :D
Maybe because i am a gpu cruncher
32) Message boards : Number crunching : Computation errors on ATI (Message 40057)
Posted 3743 days ago by uBronan
Well actually you should not install the latest driver at all
Since the newest drivers have some weird issues in them
For instance my card started with 400 mhz core speed and memory was set at 300mhz.

For best performance on models pre dating the 6xxx series best is to use either
catalyst 10-10 or 11.5a depending on the results

Many who i know switched back to 10.10 and seems to be error free after that.

Even i am going to try 10.10 with my 5870 since on some projects i still have some weird screen lags, which also seem to be not present with that driver.

You can download them under the previous driver section on the download page at amd
33) Message boards : Project Staging Area : Some Code to help the Windows PRPNet Users Along (Message 40056)
Posted 3743 days ago by uBronan
Well progress goes slow with my slow pc :D
Especially since i am 11,5 cpu's short now ;)
I wish i had my company server for this with its 12 xeons
But anyway i did not notice before the high cpu load caused by the gpu client, i found it sometimes eat up to 80% cpu time, which ofcourse drop the performance of the prpclient.
And found the cuda prpclient not able to use my second card, and clearly is often clearly just running in cpu mode.
Weird enough it also gives low credits while it does much more work.

34) Message boards : Project Staging Area : Some Code to help the Windows PRPNet Users Along (Message 40010)
Posted 3744 days ago by uBronan
Well this is a very handy tool thank you
It makes life easier for a lazy person like me ;)
No more editting nasty ini files and runs straight out of the box :D
Now the only 2 things left is to know how i get points in boinc while running this nifty prpnet fast client.
And what project belongs to what kind of icon here
I know the 2 i am running cause they came fairly quick ( gpu crunching rocks)
Ofcourse i have no clue if i get those icons also when running the dos client.
35) Message boards : Number crunching : run times with a GT440 (Message 40009)
Posted 3745 days ago by uBronan
Gigabyte GT440 512 Mb ddr5 model (96 cuda cores)
GF 108 fermi core 830 Mhz
shader 1660 Mhz
memory 1600 (3200 Mhz)

Compared to

Evga GTS450 1024 Mb ddr5 FPB (192 cuda cores)
GF 116 fermi core 882 Mhz
shader 1764 Mhz
memory 1900 (3800 Mhz)

PPS Sieve
gt440 - 4300 secs
gts450 - 1990 secs

gt440 - 705
gts450 - 325
36) Message boards : Number crunching : The Dog Days of Summer Challenge (Message 39997)
Posted 3745 days ago by uBronan
These challenges are a joke its impossible to beat any of the large players in the boinc community.
Look at the Sicituradastra team this one has a very rich person who on its own beats many large (i do not pay myself) company participants

I as a minor contributor never ever come close to any of these.

So thats why i never enter any challenge.
And for obvious reasons i do not fit into the for boinc developers oh so important crappy teams.

Is there a fair way to make a challenge i guess not, since not one of us has the same amount of money nor can spend as much time as some of us do.

Will there be cheating ... count on it especially teams seems to be very handy in finding ways to cheat in any project.

Do i hate teams (yes)

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