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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : Less cobblestones for harder WU (Message 41237)
Posted 3638 days ago by uBronan
Thats the sad truth for all with slower hardware like me, you get less credit since your wingman did the same unit with his i7-990x or 2600k
This is however on almost all projects the same.
But even if you have fixed credit it won't help, you still need much more time to finish the unit.
Sometimes i really do not get it how they calculate the credit.
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : GTX 570 and GTX 260 Core 216 simultaneously? (Message 41234)
Posted 3638 days ago by uBronan
Good luck on crunching dual gpu
You will see the difference quick enough ;)
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Sob is a real pain (Message 41233)
Posted 3638 days ago by uBronan
As i wanted to get the badge from this project i decided to run it.
I finished 2 after many long days of crunching but now comes the even more painfull matter, every fellow cruncher has this far either let it run out of time or aborted the units.
But worst of all it seems to me assigned again to a wingman who probably never is going to end it succesfull
I guess these monster units are not the most favorite.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : More ATI/OpenCL tasks? (Message 41232)
Posted 3638 days ago by uBronan
I think Milkyway requires a double-precision FPU ATI/AMD card, because I tried to use my HD 6670 with it and couldn't, because of that. Not many ATI/AMD cards have a double-precision FPU, only the very high-end ones. Mine is a Sapphire overclocked one to 900mhz and the GDDR5 at 1150mhz, but obviously if it's not a double-precision card, it won't play ball. It's a shame because clearly my card is hardly slow at crunching, and it can do it at the same time as my 4 CPU cores with only a slight performance hit. I could leave my 6670 crunching all day really, it's fanless and got a TDP of 66w. I'd love a TRP or SoB app for it to munch at.

Indeed milkyway and primegrid need double precision
Which cards have double precision thats a different matter there are much more cards who can do DP but for some weird reason amd change the newer models cards to not have them except the top models.

As any 4770, 4830,4850,4870, 4870x2, 5830 5850 and 5870 have them, you see the oddity here even low models had DP.
when the 5xxx series entered the arena they took DP of the low/mid range cards

My 4770 runs milkyway just fine, although not so quick but for such low model it fairly runs them fast enough for me with low electricity use.

Well i believe you about these cards but if it should have got DP it would have heated up alot more then it can now :D
At present i am pushing my collatz towards my goal of 50m credits so it runs about 70c but if i switch it to milkyway the temp runs 11c higher at 81c
Even though many ppl say otherwise all my amd card who i had run fairly silent and for the work they do also kinda cool
The 5870 which runs overclocked hits 84c with the fan on 33% and can not hear him buzz, ofcourse i can crank up the fan but there is no need.
When i do switch on this card to milkyway the fan starts to blow faster and the temp goes up to 86c and at that moment it a little bit audible.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : PPS (Sieve) Cobblestone Recalibration (Message 41206)
Posted 3639 days ago by uBronan
Ofcourse what else would you expect, the big bunch of top crunchers will move to the biggest rewarding project, and yes i do the same when i get much more credit on another project
So why am i doing primegrid well i find the given badges fun and they add some extra to the work done
Would i stay on the project with such low rewards, no i don't think so i get much better rewards elsewhere so thats what all projects have to deal with.

Because even though some yell that they are here for the science they jump on the credit train as fast as they can when such project appears

Its simple you do not pay the electricity bill so the mass moves where it gets the most out of the buck they spend on that bill

If teams ban a project they hurt themselfs which is my opinion not an option

I allways have been against these credit cops roaming over the projects to stop them giving the credits they think are acceptable.

There are idiot projects who pay 7 credits for 25000 seconds of cpu time ..... would you demand them to up the ante .....

And if boinc goes into assign credits on a much lower basis with set credits by the developers i think they can expect a huge loss of volunteers as well
6) Message boards : Number crunching : GTX 260 Core 216 PPS (Sieve) Performance Question!! (Message 41205)
Posted 3639 days ago by uBronan
I would be glad to have such an old card run along the new ... it still does its job well
And even if you say it suxx its much better then my new GTS450 (192 CC)
The performance is pure relative to how many CC the card has
Even though design does help a bit, it does not make it the holy grail
I think more important is the extra watts it uses for the same task
Now don't get me wrong here but my low budget card uses over 110 watts when fully loaded, and i think the GTX260 needs a bit more when under full stress.
Your newer model will burn alot more juice also but ofcourse performs lightning
fast compared to my cards xD
7) Message boards : Number crunching : More ATI/OpenCL tasks? (Message 41204)
Posted 3639 days ago by uBronan
The problem is that ati is the new kid on the block into the gpu processing
That gipsel find a way to use the ati cards for milkyway and made that project very succesfull seems to be forgotten by the people at that project.

Ati never had the resources to step on to this, and it costs a lot of time and effort to get ati's cards to work on jobs.

As i understand from the gpu guru's the language for ati cards lacks lots of common commands and functions which are normal for the nvidia counterpart

CAL is a very simple language so it can do very simple tasks, but when it does them it is super fast.
OPENCL/GL are for amd the only options to bet on since they lack the funds to develop their own processing language, i am not sure if they will get one like cuda but from what i see its not going to happen.

Only seti beta has at the moment some wizards who put alot of time into getting that to work for both the platforms. They are pioniers into this and maybe could give tips on how to proceed. And i am certain crunch3r would give advise if asked as well. But to get this going indeed some advanced knowledge into the matter is needed to get a working design.
And in the begin will be much slower then what people expect to see with the competing cuda language
As i was reading the threads on this only ati project i only see some volunteers made it happen, the same is happening now with llrcuda
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Badges - Full Sets! (Message 41203)
Posted 3639 days ago by uBronan
I think for us newcomers there are some less projects to receive
As i can see tps and ap26 will never return so as far as i can see 11 is the max for new crunchers or am i mistaken
9) Message boards : Problems and Help : How do I pick up work I do not have, but server says I am running it??? (Message 41202)
Posted 3639 days ago by uBronan
I DID it !!! Maybe WE is more appropriate!

Good good glad to hear you get work now as you want.
Patience is in the boinc world a must and sometimes needs some searching to get things the way you want it or get it to work proper ;)
Most of the time its just us who want more throughput or am not reading or looking good enough into what we are doing.
I as a n00b often make minor mistakes in the needed config files which ofcourse will mess up things
But gladly a bunch of helpfull and good guys roam around to help any and all of us like mikey, claggy, crunch3r and raistmer the list is endless
So my bottom line is there are simply no stupid question and to all who need help just ask we don't bite xD
10) Message boards : Project Staging Area : llrCUDA testing (Message 41082)
Posted 3641 days ago by uBronan
lol yes in some points your right
But again you expect a relative small company like amd which hardly make a profit, can really spend so much money as intel and nvidia do
Your talking about companies who are much bigger and absolutely have huge bank accounts. Most forget that even though amd have some impact on the server and personal pc market.
The big money is still in the companies market and if you would check what is being sold to them you see its almost allways intel/nvidia combinations, why simple they give huge bonuses to dell/hp and other companies to sell their product.
Again we are talking about the 2 pretty rich companies, they simply can spend much more on advertisement and R&D
So yes amd can not spend billions on developing besides competing they need to keep up with these giants
Have you seen how much money amd lost in the previous years, they just stayed alive because some very wealthy investors spend lot of money into amd/ati to keep it on the market.
We do not want a standard based on one brand, do you think that is good for us people. I know for sure amd does not have the means to spend much on develop a cuda like language.
And ofcourse nvidia do not want opencl to succeed. They simply want to be the only one selling THE SOLUTION.....
Thats also why opencl is not competing, again why simply because nvidia has a huge finger in it here.
But i think we as consumers could do them a favor by not using cuda/cal anymore and stick on opencl ;).
The mass does choose where it goes with these things if more and more go on the same standard the more effort is done in the one we want.
In a way i am kinda certain that they not really can compete on all projects simply because both made a different approach on how things gets done
I think in some projects the nvidia cards will allways be the faster, and on other projects ati will beat them. Not just because nividia has the better language but simply by design
Yes hd 3000 and lower had no real design for processing the fact that some still can be used by applications is more luck then intention.
Thats the moment AMD stepped on the gpu processing train all because one person showed the world what could be possible with a ati gpu.
We should cherrish that moment or we still have only seen nvidia on the gpu processing market for years.
Collatz text : Gipsel/Cluster Physik - ATI application guru without whom there would be no ATI app (or it would run at CPU speeds)

I shall explain why i keep pushing any and all that way, we consumers need the competition if amd falls out of the market we have a huge problem
Because there is totally nothing left if that happens, you be on the mercy of what those 2 giants want. We are at this point now just because amd allways made intel the giant start develop new products. If amd had not done so we probably still was using a pentium 4 or worse.
On the gpu side it was allways ati who kicked against the nvidia giant who made them develop over and over faster products, yes there where some others but mostly ati kicked their balls.
So without themn the world would have looked different.

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