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1) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 77107)
Posted 3277 days ago by Profile KD7LRJProject donor
Yes, summer. Kids, yard work, grandchildren, honey-dos (not as easy as this guy's), other grandchildren, more yard work; you see the pattern...

I have a machine that died (with a GTX-465) for an as yet undiagnosed reason. Son #1 is going to use the parts for something other than a home theater machine and I now use a Chromecast in its place. It probably wouldn't do much good as a cruncher.

The machine under my desk at home now sits a little closer to my legs (other "stuff" is now in it's old location) and the heat blowing under there is annoying so my GPU no longer crunches while I'm using the machine. Added to that is the fact that I now use this machine as a DVR for a couple of IP cameras I installed at the house and I'm down a couple of cores to allow it to keep up.

Like some others, I've become less apt to participate in all of the various challenges lately due primarily to the lazy genes which were dormant in my parents and somehow became dominant when they were forced together in me. More and more, I'd rather run projects that don't require much upkeep.

Last, the physical machines I used to run on at work (with permission) are slowly getting absorbed into our internal virtual cloud to better distribute the compute load further reducing my crunching capacity.

2) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 74094)
Posted 3375 days ago by Profile KD7LRJProject donor
Actually the main risk seems not to be to the CPU (since the metal unibody distributed heat quite efficiently and the fans seem pretty good)

I agree, but I've also noticed that if I do GPU work on mine (GT-650M), the CPUs throttle themselves way down. I keep the GPU idle and let the 4 cores run at 100%. My MBP is my work machine and it lives at my desk (unless I take it somewhere else :) with two external monitors and a stand to keep it out of the way.

3) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 74003)
Posted 3376 days ago by Profile KD7LRJProject donor
Has any one any idea for uses of working drives?

You could backup data to it and take/send it somewhere for safekeeping. I use a cable like this.

4) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 72925)
Posted 3408 days ago by Profile KD7LRJProject donor
Perhaps now we should schedule the beginnings of PG Challenges in RCT ("Retirement Clock Time") instead of UTC.

Here's my new clock. It will probably stop working long before it gets to 0 though... :(

5) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 72076)
Posted 3430 days ago by Profile KD7LRJProject donor
The ponies were stuck in the paddock, but are running free now. I'm gonna think like Brink and just run small units hoping that we might get one or two notches higher.

Aw, who am I kidding? I just want to get on the list now. I probably would have failed the marshmallow test. :)

6) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 71147)
Posted 3473 days ago by Profile KD7LRJProject donor
In the mountaineering world, climbing difficulty is graded on a "class N" scale. Class 1 is walking. Class 2 is "hands for balance". Class 3 is "hands used for holding on to the rock". It gets worse from there. Anyway the "class 2" part of the marathon was just a few seconds clambering down a cruddy loose slot in the hillside to cross the stream. No big deal.

As for the next crazy running adventure, it would probably be Antarctica, but that would be at least a year off, if not two. I'm not sure about salt mines, but I won't rule anything out, unless the word "mud" is involved. I do have plans all arranged for Boston in April '14.


Wow, what a totally amazing experience! If you ever make it to any Ultra Marathons in Utah, I'll come cheer you on! My family and I like to help with Aid Station support and Radio Communications when we can.

Here's an aid station pic from a spot on the Kat'cina Mosa 100K Mountain Challenge Run route very infrequently visited by humans (and about an hour on 4wd roads to get there).

And here's one from a spot on the trail of the Wasatch 100 mile Endurance Run.

7) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 71013)
Posted 3481 days ago by Profile KD7LRJProject donor
Did someone say that they were dating in the 50's? That takes me out of the running. Some of the dirt around here may in fact be older than me (looking up at the gorgeous mountains in the fading daylight outside my office window), but my 4 grandchildren might not believe it!

I have just a few more WUs that should get in by the deadline. I've had some SOBs running that I didn't want to interrupt. That and I wanted to get my next PSA badge, so I left the GPUs on WFS for a bit.

8) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 70198)
Posted 3511 days ago by Profile KD7LRJProject donor
Google Fiber moved into Provo (just south of me) and now my fiber provider added Gigabit for the same price just to beat them to the punch. Someday when I actually need that much bandwidth, I'll have to get my son to upgrade our main router to be able to handle the speed. Right now when I go through it I'm only getting:

Going direct, I get about 700 down and 400 up. :)

9) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 70030)
Posted 3516 days ago by Profile KD7LRJProject donor
Call it the Matt-O-nator... but whatever you call it you better crank that bad rat up as the battle is really heating u

I was thinking the "Beast form the East," since it's in the usa-east-1 region. But I should work in the number 32 somehow. Wasn't Shaq #32? "Shaq Attack?"

You could get all MATThematical and name it PrimeFinder2^5+0 but then that's not a prime number or anything. If you do it, let us know - I'll have to move a few more cores over to compensate. ;)

10) Message boards : Aggie The Pew message board (Message 69661)
Posted 3525 days ago by Profile KD7LRJProject donor
Ran 3:49:15 today, which is better than I was expecting but not what I was hoping for. It seems the slow advance of the years, plus a truly horrible training ethic over the last months, were the cause; most likely the latter prepondered. I sure can't blame the weather; it was pretty much perfect for distance running: quite cool and a tailwind.

I have 1 TRP LLR running on the laptop, just for show. It'll take another 40 hours or so. By then I'll be home and the i7's will have reported at least one full load, once I get everything powered-up again.


CongRATS on the finish!

I have a friend around the corner from me who runs a marathon every month. This year's St George was his 350th. I also help at the aid stations of his Ultra Marathons in the mountains around the area.

I didn't get the timing quite right at the start of this challenge (couldn't be around at the right time and had to guess), but I'm all in now.


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