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Your personal background.
The graph above shows that HyperThreading is marginally beneficial on this 6-core CPU.
The highest throughput for PPSE is achieved with 8 simultaneous tasks (1 thread per task),
which adds about 3% to the throughput over using 1 thread per physical core.


primegrid: noun \ˈprīm\ \ˈgrid\
* denial of service
* possible code execution

Bugs I Found in PrimeGrid Apps

* typo causing missed memory initialization in genefer 3.2.5

All-time Favorite Digital Technology

* Nixie tubes (cold cathode display)

Anything Else

The internet is not fit for human consumption.

My Erdős number is 5 (from work I did for fun in 1978).

The lowest bound for g(k) (Waring's conjecture) is proven by hand in 2018 (to be published).
The NSA wasted 240 hours of supercomputer runtime on a 64k-processor CM-1
in 1988 (Kubina and Wunderlich) trying to find an exception that doesn't exist.
How fast was that CM-1? K and W say 8 times the speed of a Cray 2.
By modern standards, a Cray 2 was as fast on LINPACK as an Apple iPad 2.

I am often amused when the radio news goes on during REM sleep.
In a dream during the Rocket Man coverage, I pocket-dialed Kim Jong-un.
But it was just his voicemail (LOL).

God lay me gently on my right side, on the pavement beside the car that hit me.
With my head not impacting the pavement, facing the car,
I clearly saw the rear wheel approaching my left foot.
In a split second I moved that foot barely an inch.
The wheel scraped the side of my shoe and my ankle.
I was sure it had rolled over the edge of my foot.
But there was little pain, no crushing, no bone damage.
Just a bad scrape on the outside of my left ankle,
a scrape on my right knee, and a very large bruise
with swelling that appeared 2 hours later on my left hip and thigh,
which had dented the car. I walked away from this accident,
and I thank God for giving me a second life. Nov. 9, 2018.
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