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ian's Badges

Discovered 11 mega primesFound 5 primes in the 2023 Tour de PrimesFound 1 prime in the 2023 Tour de Primes Mountain Stage

Credit Level
for Next Badge
Next Badge Credit Needed
for Next Badge
GCW LLR21,721GCW LLR Bronze: More than 10,000 credits (21,721)  Bronze100,000GCW LLR Silver: More than 100,000 credits  Silver  78,279
PPS LLR112,489,019PPS LLR Double Bronze: More than 100,000,000 credits (112,489,019)  Double Bronze200,000,000PPS LLR Double Silver: More than 200,000,000 credits  Double Silver  87,510,981
Pending credit: 48,035
SR5 LLR264,527SR5 LLR Silver: More than 100,000 credits (264,527)  Silver500,000SR5 LLR Gold: More than 500,000 credits  Gold  235,473
SGS LLR1,846,242SGS LLR Amethyst: More than 1,000,000 credits (1,846,242)  Amethyst2,000,000SGS LLR Ruby: More than 2,000,000 credits  Ruby  153,758
TRP LLR490  10,000TRP LLR Bronze: More than 10,000 credits  Bronze  9,510
Generalized Cullen/Woodall Sieve (suspended)52,350,157Generalized Cullen/Woodall Sieve (suspended) Emerald: More than 50,000,000 credits (52,350,157)  Emerald 
PPS Sieve5,048,392,187PPS Sieve Double Turquoise: More than 5,000,000,000 credits (5,048,392,187)  Double Turquoise10,000,000,000PPS Sieve Double Jade: More than 10,000,000,000 credits  Double Jade  4,951,607,813
Pending credit: 3,950,812
Sierpinski (ESP/PSP/SoB) Sieve (suspended)425,613Sierpinski (ESP/PSP/SoB) Sieve (suspended) Silver: More than 100,000 credits (425,613)  Silver 
AP2713,903,877AP27 Jade: More than 10,000,000 credits (13,903,877)  Jade20,000,000AP27 Sapphire: More than 20,000,000 credits  Sapphire  6,096,123
GFN44,530,119GFN Sapphire: More than 20,000,000 credits (44,530,119)  Sapphire50,000,000GFN Emerald: More than 50,000,000 credits  Emerald  5,469,881
WW (retired)252,000WW (retired) Silver: More than 100,000 credits (252,000)  Silver 

Other available badges: 321 (LLR)
10,000 credits for Bronze badge Cullen (LLR)
10,000 credits for Bronze badge Extended Sierpinski Problem
10,000 credits for Bronze badge Prime Sierpinski Problem (LLR)
10,000 credits for Bronze badge Seventeen or Bust
10,000 credits for Bronze badge Woodall (LLR)
10,000 credits for Bronze badge Cullen/Woodall (Sieve)
10,000 credits for Bronze badge Project Staging Area
10,000 credits for Bronze badge 
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