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v149907's Badges

Discovered 2 mega primesEliminated 1 conjecture "k"Found 1 prime in the 2022 Tour de Primes

Credit Level
for Next Badge
Next Badge Credit Needed
for Next Badge
PPS LLR54,805,884PPS LLR Emerald: More than 50,000,000 credits (54,805,884)  Emerald100,000,000PPS LLR Double Bronze: More than 100,000,000 credits  Double Bronze  45,194,116
Pending credit: 2,268
SGS LLR24,859,283SGS LLR Sapphire: More than 20,000,000 credits (24,859,283)  Sapphire50,000,000SGS LLR Emerald: More than 50,000,000 credits  Emerald  25,140,717
Pending credit: 3,951
TPS LLR (retired)7,052   
TRP LLR4,500,508TRP LLR Ruby: More than 2,000,000 credits (4,500,508)  Ruby5,000,000TRP LLR Turquoise: More than 5,000,000 credits  Turquoise  499,492
Cullen/Woodall Sieve (suspended)1,555,476Cullen/Woodall Sieve (suspended) Amethyst: More than 1,000,000 credits (1,555,476)  Amethyst 
PPS Sieve1,723,936,941PPS Sieve Double Amethyst: More than 1,000,000,000 credits (1,723,936,941)  Double Amethyst2,000,000,000PPS Sieve Double Ruby: More than 2,000,000,000 credits  Double Ruby  276,063,059
Pending credit: 660,716
Sierpinski (ESP/PSP/SoB) Sieve (suspended)1,370,796Sierpinski (ESP/PSP/SoB) Sieve (suspended) Amethyst: More than 1,000,000 credits (1,370,796)  Amethyst 
TRP Sieve (suspended)6,809,047TRP Sieve (suspended) Turquoise: More than 5,000,000 credits (6,809,047)  Turquoise 
AP2724,258AP27 Bronze: More than 10,000 credits (24,258)  Bronze100,000AP27 Silver: More than 100,000 credits  Silver  75,742
GFN11,304,368GFN Jade: More than 10,000,000 credits (11,304,368)  Jade20,000,000GFN Sapphire: More than 20,000,000 credits  Sapphire  8,695,632
WW (retired)108,000WW (retired) Silver: More than 100,000 credits (108,000)  Silver 

Other available badges: 321 (LLR)
10,000 credits for Bronze badge Cullen (LLR)
10,000 credits for Bronze badge Extended Sierpinski Problem
10,000 credits for Bronze badge Generalized Cullen/Woodall (LLR)
10,000 credits for Bronze badge Prime Sierpinski Problem (LLR)
10,000 credits for Bronze badge Seventeen or Bust
10,000 credits for Bronze badge Sierpinski/Riesel Base 5 Problem (LLR)
10,000 credits for Bronze badge Woodall (LLR)
10,000 credits for Bronze badge Project Staging Area
10,000 credits for Bronze badge 
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