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File downloads are based on BitTorrent technology and requires special software for downloading. We recommend µTorrent. You will need file compression software that can handle standard zip compression to open the files.

Click on the download icon to download .torrent file and open it with BitTorrent program of your choice to complete the download. Please note that this is a peer-to-peer, community provided service. Consider leaving BitTorrent program open after completing the download to increase the download speed for other people (note: might use large quantities of upload bandwidth).

For more information on BitTorrent, see Wikipedia.

Twin Prime Search, n=195000

Contains raw data from Twin Prime Search, n=195000 project. Compressed size - 20.9MiB.

Download .torrent file

Twin Prime Search, n=333333

Contains raw data from Twin Prime Search, n=333333 project. Compressed size - 607MiB.

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Public trackers

These public trackers are tracking our files:

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