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Show only primes with this text. Put an "@" at the beginning or end to only show primes that start or end with this string. For example, "111*2^" will show primes such as 6111*2^1329244+1 as well as the expected 111*2^2382772+1. "@111*2^" would show only primes like 111*2^2382772+1.

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 PrimeDigitsDiscovererTeamDateLinksSubprojectPrime Score
1273809*2^8932416-12,688,931 (decimal)DeleteNull (primes)SETI.Germany2017-12-13 07:13:55 UTCT5K, official announcementThe Riesel Problem24,625.161
24489246^262144+11,743,828 (decimal)DeleteNull (primes)SETI.Germany2018-03-01 04:16:07 UTCT5K, official announcementGeneralized Fermat Prime Search6,530.625
32676404^262144+11,684,945 (decimal)DeleteNull (primes)SETI.Germany2017-03-22 09:33:58 UTCT5K, official announcementGeneralized Fermat Prime Search5,877.852
41071*2^3523944+11,060,816 (decimal)DeleteNull (primes)SETI.Germany2018-05-29 04:14:52 UTCT5KMEGA Prime Search1,422.102
554032538^131072+11,013,535 (decimal)DeleteNull (primes)SETI.Germany2018-10-11 09:48:22 UTCT5K, taskGeneralized Fermat Prime Search1,236.455
651872628^131072+11,011,213 (decimal)DeleteNull (primes)SETI.Germany2018-06-14 00:55:30 UTCT5KGeneralized Fermat Prime Search1,227.783
751570250^131072+11,010,880 (decimal)DeleteNull (primes)SETI.Germany2018-05-28 07:28:47 UTCT5KGeneralized Fermat Prime Search1,226.544
850495632^131072+11,009,681 (decimal)DeleteNull (primes)SETI.Germany2018-03-23 04:28:27 UTCT5KGeneralized Fermat Prime Search1,222.087
950110436^131072+11,009,245 (decimal)DeleteNull (primes)SETI.Germany2018-03-07 04:19:06 UTCT5KGeneralized Fermat Prime Search1,220.469
1049530004^131072+11,008,582 (decimal)DeleteNull (primes)SETI.Germany2018-02-20 21:30:50 UTCT5KGeneralized Fermat Prime Search1,218.010
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