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Show only primes with this text. Put an "@" at the beginning or end to only show primes that start or end with this string. For example, "111*2^" will show primes such as 6111*2^1329244+1 as well as the expected 111*2^2382772+1. "@111*2^" would show only primes like 111*2^2382772+1.

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 PrimeDigitsDiscovererTeamDateLinksSubprojectPrime Score
1100865034^131072+11,049,067 (decimal)vaughan (primes)AMD Users2022-01-21 23:51:36 UTCT5K, taskGeneralized Fermat Prime Search1,374.329
290942952^131072+11,043,172 (decimal)vaughan (primes)AMD Users2021-07-07 09:53:54 UTCT5KGeneralized Fermat Prime Search1,350.774
390938686^131072+11,043,170 (decimal)vaughan (primes)AMD Users2021-07-07 04:10:02 UTCT5KGeneralized Fermat Prime Search1,350.764
4641*2^3464061+11,042,790 (decimal)vaughan (primes)AMD Users2018-02-01 09:03:35 UTCT5KMEGA Prime Search1,349.254
587352356^131072+11,040,879 (decimal)vaughan (primes)AMD Users2021-02-28 02:39:54 UTCT5KGeneralized Fermat Prime Search1,341.685
679383608^131072+11,035,434 (decimal)vaughan (primes)AMD Users2020-10-28 21:26:44 UTCT5KGeneralized Fermat Prime Search1,320.267
769689592^131072+11,028,020 (decimal)vaughan (primes)AMD Users2020-02-14 16:20:54 UTCT5KGeneralized Fermat Prime Search1,291.478
869565722^131072+11,027,919 (decimal)vaughan (primes)AMD Users2020-02-13 21:43:38 UTCT5KGeneralized Fermat Prime Search1,291.087
96947*2^3357075+11,010,585 (decimal)vaughan (primes)AMD Users2021-02-26 21:37:27 UTCT5KMEGA Prime Search1,225.444
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