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Prime number list for participant "Rory Smith"

PrimeDigitsDateLinksSubprojectPrime Score
Initial finder
539*2^712665+1214,537 (decimal)2010-02-15 02:55:08 UTCT5KProth Prime Search10.485
 539*2^712665+1 is a Factor of xGF(712664,11,6)!!!! (4455.375000 seconds)
967*2^467098+1140,614 (decimal)2008-12-24 02:19:55 UTCT5KProth Prime Search2.857
609*2^457969+1137,866 (decimal)2008-12-18 16:48:17 UTCT5KProth Prime Search2.689
445*2^449804+1135,408 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search2.544
485*2^392353+1118,113 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search1.670
759*2^347099+1104,491 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search1.145
51875051589*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
645*2^282710+185,107 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.608
807*2^280324+184,389 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.593
93*2^272034+181,893 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.540
129*2^268271+180,760 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.518
11*2^268009+180,680 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.516
1089*2^267303+180,470 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.512
555*2^266006+180,079 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.504
667*2^261776+178,806 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.480
215*2^260991+178,569 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.476
255*2^253233+176,234 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.433
273*2^250338+175,362 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.418
(dates are of initial discovery, not the double check date)
637*2^513284+1154,517 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search1.910
1185*2^479344+1144,300 (decimal)2008-12-29 21:23:17 UTCT5KProth Prime Search1.547
471*2^347540+1104,623 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.575
531*2^345145+1103,902 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.563
51508953549*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
43532812761*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
42726241575*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
36090582561*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)2008-03-12 20:41:23 UTCT5KTwin Prime Search0.505
35625860235*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
871*2^326672+198,342 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.475
361*2^280728+184,511 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.298
791*2^265627+179,965 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.251
847*2^254350+176,570 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.220
1103*2^253705+176,376 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.218
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