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Prime number list for participant "Azmodes"

PrimeDigitsDateLinksSubprojectPrime Score
Initial finder
36127768^65536+1495,311 (decimal)2018-02-28 19:40:23 UTCT5K, taskGeneralized Fermat Prime Search137.263
31125356^65536+1491,069 (decimal)2018-02-05 17:31:19 UTCT5KGeneralized Fermat Prime Search133.684
(dates are of initial discovery, not the double check date)
34197950^65536+1493,749 (decimal)2018-02-19 03:16:53 UTCT5K, taskGeneralized Fermat Prime Search67.969
29585874^65536+1489,625 (decimal)2018-01-31 07:44:10 UTCT5KGeneralized Fermat Prime Search66.240
29501096^65536+1489,544 (decimal)2018-01-31 06:35:46 UTCT5KGeneralized Fermat Prime Search66.206
26578974^65536+1486,575 (decimal)2017-11-04 23:26:33 UTCT5KGeneralized Fermat Prime Search64.981
23582210^65536+1483,170 (decimal)2017-05-04 21:37:16 UTCT5KGeneralized Fermat Prime Search63.594
3057*2^1468032+1441,926 (decimal)2018-02-03 09:16:21 UTCT5KProth Prime Search48.347
50587866^32768+1252,447 (decimal)2017-05-01 18:24:10 UTC Generalized Fermat Prime Search8.647
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