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Prime number list for participant "Sheryl Nome - Ranka Lee _ Takara Miyuki - Touhouin Shizuka is loved - Belonging macross galaxy / macross frontier"

PrimeDigitsDateLinksSubprojectPrime Score
Initial finder
62360968359*2^333333-1100,355 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
61356869109*2^333333-1100,355 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
61254892881*2^333333-1100,355 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
60841979415*2^333333-1100,355 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
60582893061*2^333333-1100,355 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
(dates are of initial discovery, not the double check date)
309*2^441542+1132,920 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search1.201
62401848639*2^333333-1100,355 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
62371406829*2^333333-1100,355 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
61967735931*2^333333-1100,355 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
61399979709*2^333333-1100,355 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
61252954815*2^333333-1100,355 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
61252162725*2^333333-1100,355 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
61159536345*2^333333-1100,355 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
60583815819*2^333333-1100,355 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
52120305345*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
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