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Prime number list for participant "BubkaP"

PrimeDigitsDateLinksSubprojectPrime Score
Initial finder
50165032269*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
48367388445*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
48009303471*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
47879810121*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
47841023109*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
47828683749*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
46830310011*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
46395254601*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
45179353581*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
44318745285*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
41237805555*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
(dates are of initial discovery, not the double check date)
48990788775*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
47576445315*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
46567411131*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
43660661685*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
43503974799*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
41371929501*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
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