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Prime number list for participant "Kid_a"

PrimeDigitsDateLinksSubprojectPrime Score
Initial finder
1097*2^787323+1237,011 (decimal)2010-08-24 13:48:01 UTCT5KProth Prime Search14.244
2025*2^505874+1152,287 (decimal)2010-05-18 20:44:31 UTCT5KProth Prime Search3.652
789*2^434965+1130,941 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search2.294
477*2^433299+1130,439 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search2.267
165*2^422468+1127,178 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search2.097
427*2^343432+1103,386 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search1.108
58583760039*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
58512252501*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
43810584405*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
43806302685*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
42201005721*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
37*2^331144+199,686 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.990
(dates are of initial discovery, not the double check date)
1075*2^439350+1132,261 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search1.183
1057*2^437442+1131,687 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search1.167
1095*2^435135+1130,992 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search1.148
1031*2^434789+1130,888 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search1.146
99*2^433966+1130,639 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search1.139
179*2^429871+1129,407 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search1.106
633*2^417624+1125,721 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search1.012
1015*2^410740+1123,649 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.961
58527353241*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
43683051741*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
1025*2^289445+187,135 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.327
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