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Prime number list for participant "Stan Pleban"

PrimeDigitsDateLinksSubprojectPrime Score
Initial finder
1491*2^454183+1136,726 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search2.621
61159536345*2^333333-1100,355 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
60811198845*2^333333-1100,355 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
60388994991*2^333333-1100,355 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
59053349751*2^333333-1100,355 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
57913999041*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
55420339455*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
55038643839*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search1.011
31392676695*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)2008-02-07 15:59:36 UTCT5KTwin Prime Search1.011
(dates are of initial discovery, not the double check date)
1725*2^1492368+1449,251 (decimal)2018-05-24 08:04:02 UTCT5KProth Prime Search50.852
5205*2^1465831+1441,263 (decimal)2018-01-31 12:08:19 UTCT5KProth Prime Search48.125
1855930143795*2^666667-1200,700 (decimal)2010-09-11 03:21:56 UTCT5KSophie Germain Prime Search4.270
3268474104885*2^666666-1200,699 (decimal)2010-08-17 13:41:58 UTCT5KSophie Germain Prime Search4.270
62242154235*2^333333-1100,355 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
61623726255*2^333333-1100,355 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
59974074381*2^333333-1100,355 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
55756454715*2^333333-1100,354 (decimal)  Twin Prime Search0.505
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