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Prime number list for participant "Bauerwulf"

PrimeDigitsDateLinksSubprojectPrime Score
(dates are of initial discovery, not the double check date)
356926^524288+12,911,151 (decimal)2012-06-20 04:26:47 UTCT5K, official announcementGeneralized Fermat Prime Search15,703.712
9*2^3497442+11,052,836 (decimal)2012-10-23 00:00:00 UTCT5K, official announcementProth Prime Search694.768
 9*2^3497442+1 is a Factor of GF(3497441,7)!!!! (17847.122000 seconds)
9*2^3497442+1 is a Factor of xGF(3497438,9,8)!!!! (7154.742000 seconds)
9*2^3497442+1 is a Factor of GF(3497441,10)!!!! (7154.750000 seconds)
9*2^3497442+1 is a Factor of xGF(3497440,10,7)!!!! (7155.207000 seconds)
9*2^3497442+1 is a Factor of xGF(3497439,11,3)!!!! (7154.236000 seconds)
9*2^3497442+1 is a Factor of xGF(3497441,12,5)!!!! (14309.452000 seconds)
1494027763035*2^1290000-1388,341 (decimal)2014-08-29 06:08:40 UTCT5KSophie Germain Prime Search32.500
833507909325*2^1290000-1388,341 (decimal)2013-08-12 06:42:06 UTCT5KSophie Germain Prime Search32.500
697182317715*2^1290000-1388,341 (decimal)2013-07-10 04:29:34 UTCT5KSophie Germain Prime Search32.500
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