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Prime number list for participant "Tommy"

PrimeDigitsDateLinksSubprojectPrime Score
Initial finder
5739*2^1275854+1384,075 (decimal)2014-06-02 01:15:38 UTCT5KProth Prime Search62.831
77*2^164319+149,467 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.114
1135*2^162588+148,947 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.110
261*2^152951+146,046 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.091
249*2^143926+143,329 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.076
1047*2^129208+138,899 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.054
987*2^129179+138,890 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.054
171*2^128301+138,625 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.053
757*2^126772+138,166 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.051
135*2^126179+137,986 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.051
759*2^124247+137,405 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.048
955*2^124152+137,377 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.048
481*2^110748+133,342 (decimal)  Proth Prime Search0.034
(dates are of initial discovery, not the double check date)
8085*2^492193+1148,169 (decimal)2010-03-06 12:17:36 UTCT5KProth Prime Search1.678
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