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1) Message boards : Number crunching : PrimeGrid's Birthday/Summer Solstice Challenge (Message 24423)
Posted 3403 days ago by Profile Doug @ (SETI-USA)
If you can, you might consider adding another HD. 2g is 1995 standards. I use at the smallest, a 40GB HD for any system with 2.xx GHz cpu or greater. My main system has a 750GB HD on a Quad CPU system.

When installing an OS, consider using storage that will be 2x larger than the total data installed unless you dont plan to install more software.

For test, i install OS on HDs just big enough to run but that would be for only test purposes.

Probably, you are not living close enough for me to give you a 10Gb HD of which i have many just sitting around.

You might try uninstalling applications that are not needed at the moment to relieve some of the storage space.

having done this for 30 years and with much trial and error, the best rule of thumb on software installations is 2x the size of data :).

Keep up the number crunching anyways if you can.
We are putting our foot down on Team Norway which i suspect the main contributor is using a large file server system or a mock Cray system.
Only way anyone would crunch over 6 mil in this short time.
But Team work with prevail! we caught up and passed them in one day!

Good Job all!!! :D
2) Message boards : Number crunching : PrimeGrid's Birthday/Summer Solstice Challenge (Message 24388)
Posted 3405 days ago by Profile Doug @ (SETI-USA)
Ok, i had a bunch of WUs assigned before challange.
Corrected the problem. Problem is resolved.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : PrimeGrid's Birthday/Summer Solstice Challenge (Message 24387)
Posted 3406 days ago by Profile Doug @ (SETI-USA)
Ok, thanks.
must be a delay between getting WU results and work completed.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : PrimeGrid's Birthday/Summer Solstice Challenge (Message 24385)
Posted 3406 days ago by Profile Doug @ (SETI-USA)
Hi, I am participating in the Summer Solstice Challenge but do not see my user in the participants list. I have the proper project selected and have daily results occurring.

Any idea what i should do or is there a way to audit what is happening on either side of this situation?

5) Message boards : Number crunching : Looking for a more effective way of measuring CPU power or Benchmark placement (Message 6250)
Posted 4465 days ago by Profile Doug @ (SETI-USA)
Well, top computers list is not a list of computer power measurements, it's the list of work done - no matter how powerful the computer is, if it allocates say 5% resource share to PG and remaining 95% to SETI (I'm not talking about actual CPU usage, which, as you mentioned, is not 100% because of background processes), it's not very useful to the project, so why should it have top spot? In my opinion, total credit and RAC is a pretty good measurement of work done, and actual CPU power is not very important.

there is one way to force 100% approx. on PG and this is to make the projects rotate every hour or so. Its in the general settings.

Maybe I tend to the technical side. I just would like to see a way to measure actual computing power applied to the project. A curiouscity.
I am technical, through and through. I like this project, looking for numbers that may exist in much more difficult circumstances. I run at least 12 hours a day on just this project (using project time division).
I hope someday i can uncover more numbers.

6) Message boards : Number crunching : Looking for a more effective way of measuring CPU power or Benchmark placement (Message 6242)
Posted 4465 days ago by Profile Doug @ (SETI-USA)
After looking at the Top Computers list, i suggest a different way of sorting and rating each computer. A good set of benchmarks and transmitting the results back should play in the ranking of CPU "power" or such. The current way of listing a computer in the Top Computers list is just the recent results average and total results. Neither of these is accurate in ranking a computer against another one. Since being a computer technian for an university, i see a wide variety of computers and setups. A well setup computer will not have too many tray entries which take computing power away from the actual amount that could be used in the "SO CALLED" 100% usage. We all know that 100% isnt possible with any antivirus and antispyware software running in the background. So, logically, we can never get an accurate measurement of total cpu usage since these program types exist on the system. Most computer owners protect their computers with such programs as mentioned above and thus the % measurement is null or void of accuracy.
Top Computers is just a sub, sometimes not, process measurement of Top Participants.

Perhaps the answer is wrapping the benchmark results with total % used on the cpu (an average that could be submitted with various charting programs or perhaps one created by the team that could be used world wide), then taking total time with PrimeGrid and percentaging that with total time PrimeGrid server time online, one could generate a "more" accurate way of rating CPU or Top Computers here in the project.

I would like to see the "another way of showing personal results" turned into a true CPU power rating for "TOP COMPUTERS".

What do YOU think? Do you believe the current way of measuring Top Computers is accurate?
Is there another way of doing this besides what I suggested?

The whole purpose of this tread is to promote better computer power measurements. Then perhaps we as a project could post "accurate" numbers to the world showing all how much computing power is being used in the project.

(Technical Support Specialist,
Saint Martins University)

P.S. One of my current systems i use in the project is compared to Intel Quad cores and not a single Intel core dual is close.
AMD 64x2, 6000+, 3.0GHz x 2 cpu with 2mb cache
using 2GB OCz PC2 6400 ram, ASUS M2N-SLI motherboard.
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