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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Once in a Blue Moon Challenge (Message 151071)
Posted 172 days ago by Jakubek
HyperThreading/SMT performance improvements are mainly in the ability to do work on one thread while another thread is waiting for data to be fetched. This is accomplished by some extras registers that store the state of each thread such that it's very fast switch between threads.
However, PrimeGrid is almost entirely computation with very little data fetching. If you were to run PrimeGrid on two threads sharing the same CPU core, each thread would be "fighting" for computation units in the core (there's only a fixed number per core, it's the same with or without SMT)(...)

Thanks mate, that's more than helpful.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Once in a Blue Moon Challenge (Message 151054)
Posted 173 days ago by Jakubek
If you have a CPU with hyperthreading or SMT, either turn off this feature in the BIOS, or set BOINC to use 50% of the processors

Could you explain why's that recommended?
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