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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Automatic subproject recommendation for each host (Message 143339)
Posted 45 days ago by urbanknight
My opinion (if someone needs it) is to draw conclusions about the most effective setting based on some input computer parameters - a failure idea. Too many fields and too many nuances. Take a look at the processors, even among the same model there are ten to twenty variants with different configurations, this is not talking about the options when an application that always hangs in the tray can affect performance.
The correct approach here is to evaluate the performance of this particular machine, with this particular configuration hardware + software + tasks in addition to BOINC.
The correct solution is an additional assessment program, inside which there are examples of tasks that need to be solved. The program launches a task with some settings, the same task with others, with the third, and so on, until it goes over all or the most interesting ones, and then, based on the statistics of solving tasks by this particular computer, it concludes that on this computer, from here It is better to solve such a configuration here this project, load 2 tasks, 4 cores per task.
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : Participation in challenge (Message 141597)
Posted 113 days ago by urbanknight

2. You started processing the tasks before the challenge started

This. You downloaded a huge batch on 22/6 before the challenge started. Only tasks downloaded and returned between the start/end dates of the challenge are counted.

So this is where my mistake is. I wanted to be tricky, but it didn’t work out. =)
Well, thanks, I’ll know for the next competition.
3) Message boards : Problems and Help : Participation in challenge (Message 141501)
Posted 115 days ago by urbanknight
Not so long ago there was a challenge in connection with the birthday of Alan Turing.
I switched my computers to the desired project and solved several task, but I do not see myself in the list of participants.
Am I doing something wrong?
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