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1) Message boards : Problems and Help : app_config.xml (Message 128350)
Posted 905 days ago by V0d01ey
Sorry for misleading.
Another app is not BOINC. And Genefer apps uses 100% of the GPU causing external app to slow down dramatically.
2) Message boards : Problems and Help : app_config.xml (Message 128334)
Posted 906 days ago by V0d01ey
Does it mean that BOINC manager do not translate those settings (except <cmdline>) to app?
It could send them by translating them to additional cmdline args...

So the only way to implement such additional functionality is to make specific to app own cmdline args.

PS. In my case I've wanted to give more work to GPU that is not fully utilized by some other application.
3) Message boards : Problems and Help : app_config.xml (Message 128328)
Posted 906 days ago by V0d01ey
It is not so easy to find information on forums about possible settings that can be set with app_config.xml.
How about opening a specific thread about it. (or have I missed some?)

For example I have following question.
Do primegrid GPU applications support settings like <gpu_usage>.4</gpu_usage> or <ngpus>.4</ngpus>? Which ones do?
I've tried to use them and had no success.

Could you please collect description of all possible settings for all applications in one thread or at least one for each application in relevant subfofums.

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